Our holiday vs Corona - 1

Our holiday vs Corona

It’s the 12th March 2020 and we are facing a dilemma; are we going or not? Do we board the airplane tomorrow to Windhoek (Namibia) to start our dream holiday or… do we stay at home.

THE virus Corona entered our country, the Netherlands, last week but no one is panicking just now. There isn’t a travel warning for Namibia yet. At the moment Namibia is even Corona free !!

We decide to go because we think that we are better of in Namibia than in the Netherlands at the moment. It’s Friday night and we are boarding flight KL0575. This flight will bring us overnight to Windhoek.

In the early morning on the 14th March we arrive at Windhoek airport. We can see that the first steps of protecting their country are taking place. The moment we enter the terminal building our temperature is measured to see if we have fever or not. We are fever free and they let us into their wonderful country. Let the holiday begin!!


The next morning we are totally prepared. We know how to prepare the roof tent on top of our Toyota Hilux, how the fridge works and where to find the tap for the water supply.

Everyone told us that carrying enough water is important so we take this very seriously. Water is important!!

We carry a lot of water with us. Partly in bottles but most of it we carry in the extra water tank in the Toyota Hilux. Namibia is a huge country so we won’t see a gas station every few miles down the road to restock all our needs. This is also the reason why our “house on wheels” for the next weeks is provided with a double tank for diesel. Two full tanks should take us approximately 1800 kilometres. That must be sufficient to start with.


It’s our adventure; we are ready and love to explore this amazing country.

Let’s go …..


Will be continued so check out the website to stay updated.