Our holiday vs Corona - 2

Our holiday vs Corona – 2

flattening tiresOur 4×4 “house on wheels” is a comfortable one. The Hilux transports us comfortably over the gravel-roads. Which is a good thing, because most of the roads (about 37.000 kilometers) in Namibia are gravel.

To make the drive more comfortable we deflated the tyres to 1.8 instead of the normal 2.0. This is an easy and quick fix because we have the right tool with us to do so. It’s important to lower the tire pressure because this decreases the chance of us having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. And us being self sufficient, we can inflate them back to 2.0, if needed.

Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere having a flat tire and you need to change the tire underneath the burning sun. Not something you might enjoy during your holiday but it can not be excluded.


After Bagatelle we reach our first campsite; Duwusib Castle. This remote castle was build in the beginning of the last century.

Every stone of the castle and all other materials had to be brought in. A trip over well more than 300 kilometers. Hard to imagine if you look at the harsh and inhospitable countryside.

The friendly lady at the entrance offers a great cup of coffee/tea and freshly baked apple pie so we decided to camp on the camp site next to the castle.

Preparing the rooftent on the camp site is now a piece of cake for us, within 10 minutes we are ready for sleep.

Just a brief explanation of how we do this: take the coverdeck off and pull the tent open by towing the steps down. Eight small poles, two on each side, are put in place and your tent is ready for use.

Even though we are in a remote place in Namibia we keep our ears open of what’s going on in the Netherlands.

We heard that the situation in the Netherlands is getting worse and our prime minister will give a press conference about the Corona situation.

With some difficulty we are able to follow most of it. Stable internet is not as it is at home. Normally a good thing, now it can be annoying sometimes.

We are not worried yet, we feel lucky to be here. Far away from Corona and the things that come with it ….

Namibia is still corona free so nothing to worry about, yet…

We enjoy the serenity and the remote landscapes and we try to forget what’s going on the world as long we are here.

On a regular base I ask Ger to stop the vehicle because my hobby photographing kicks in and I see amazing opportunities for photos all the time. I try not to ask Ger to stop too often because we don’t make any progress in distance. Too many special places to see in so little time….


Our story will be continued.

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    Lovely trip! Only deflating your tyres on gravel will not decrease, but increase the risk of a flat tyre