Our holiday vs Corona - 3

Our holiday vs Corona – 3

As we said in a previous blog it’s a piece of cake now for us to pitch our tent but breaking it down became even easier. We put the bedding in the car, place the sticks in the cover and slowly let the tent down. Cover the total package, zip everything and off we go. Just a matter of minutes before we are ready to explore the next stage off our holiday.


Nature is breathtaking again. Everywhere we look we see opportunities for amazing photos but we cannot stop all the time because we must cover some ground as well.

Namib Rand Nature Reserve we spot our first wildlife; giraffe, zebra and ostrich. They pass our vehicle as we are surrounded by the dunes of Sossusvlei. This scenery looks like a postcard.

Colours are varying from red, green, copper, brown and black. All in one view, it is a feast for the eyes. We can’t keep our eyes of off this amazing surroundings. Sometimes it just looks surreal, but we are really here.
The temperatures are rising in this part of Namibia, it is about 40 degrees and rising.

Today it’s a day without Corona news. Finally, because it worries me a bit. A day without news about Corona is very nice and relaxed.

At 06.00 am the next morning we drive into Deadvlei and Sossusvlei to see the sunrise on top of the dunes. What an experience! It is so beautiful….difficult to put it into words. The sky is so clear which makes the dunes stand out sharply and the intense blue sky above them.

During the course of the day we receive Corona news again. When we get back to our campsite we have an urgent request on whats-app to contact home. We hear, that most likely, most of the airspace in Europe will close. Now we have a dilemma, do we stay in this incredible country or do we try to get home as soon as possible? What would you do?

A very difficult decision we are facing. Ger and I have different thoughts about this situation. It gives discussion and stress. I do want to stay, but not for months. In the end this might be a realistic situation. My husband is more relaxed and thinks we should just continue our fantastic holiday.

What bothers me a bit is that Corona has arrived in Namibia as well, three patients, all German tourists. Most tourists are gone, campsites are nearly empty and restaurants don’t have any customers. Staff is sent home because of this situation without perspective of salary. A disaster for everyone in a poor country like Namibia.

The last KLM flight leaves that evening and we won’t be able to make it on time. We are just too far away from Windhoek to make it. But KLM still flies to Johannesburg, South Africa so that might be our alternative destination to get back to the Netherlands.

We decide to leave that option for now and go on with our holiday.

The next morning we are on the road again. We stop at Solitaire, where we eat a nice Dutch piece of apple pie with hot chocolate. In the seventies a Dutch guy, named Ton van der Lee, lived here for several years and started the bakery with a local. It feels strange, a part of home, in the middle of nowhere.

It is a nice stopover on our way to Spreetshoogte, we have to drive a beautiful pass through the mountains.

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Will they continue their holiday or…..