What is birding?

In its most basic sense, birding, or bird watching, is the recreational hobby of observing species of wild birds, including their physical characteristics and behavior. In reality, birding is much more than a simple hobby. There are many benefits of a bird safari that can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced birders.

What do I need for birding?

Not much.

A pair of binoculars, a field guide, and a hat. Maybe a little notebook you carry in your pocket. Birds have always delighted people all over the world because of their beauty and their power of flight. Historically, they used to be considered omens. The ancient Romans believed that the flights and calls of birds could foretell the future.

Can everyone start birding?

Yes, birding is for young and old. Birding safaris grow in popularity because the entire family can enjoy birding safaris. Its a child friendly safari.

sun bird birding safariBest places to go in Africa for affordable birding safaris

Actually all places and countries where you can experience wildlife are suitable for birding safaris.
Examples given: Lake Nakuru in Kenya, Lake Manyara in Tanzania, Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, Kafue National Park in Zambia, Dragensberg in South Africa, Murchison Falls in Uganda, Okavango Delta in Botswana and Etosha in Namibia.

What can I expect when I start birding?

Fun. Big fun. Something deep seems to get fulfilled. A connection is made with the immense beauty of nature. Satisfaction. Birding invokes our primeval hunting instincts. It delivers all the satisfaction of the hunt, even though the prey itself escapes unharmed. Birding is the perfect sport for the 21st Century.

Health. Birding gets you vertical. It gets you outside and walking. But it’s effortless, because your attention is on the birds. Nevertheless, after a little birding, you’ve usually covered quite a bit of ground.

Family. Birding unites people across generations. By taking up birding, parents or grandparents can introduce their children to an interest in nature that will stay with them all their lives.

Companionship. Birding is the ideal social activity. A birder need never be lonely. Nearly every community has a birding club of some sort. And because birders love to share their knowledge, newcomers are always welcome.

Solitude. Birding is also the ideal solitary sport. There’s a special pleasure in going out alone to bird. Your mind settles down. Your senses open up, and all nature seems to become your friend. Birding is a sport of many moods, and it serves the causes of companionship and solitude equally well.

Does Affordable Africa Safaris.com organize birding safaris as well?

Actually yes we do. We have some birding safaris available in the top end range at the moment. At Affordable Africa Safaris we can ajust any birding safari to your needs and wishes. The birding safaris available can be arranged to affordable medium range accommodations easily.

This kind of safaris are very child friendly safaris and can be enjoyed by your entire family. We have the best birding rangers available who can’t wait to take you out into the bush for an amazing experience.

The birding safaris below are example safaris which can be booked the way they are displayed but they can also be ajusted to your personal wishes.

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