What’s going on in the bush while you are sleeping?

There is so much going on overnight in the bush.

On this page we try to stay up to date with what’s going on in the different Reserves where our guides/rangers/guests travel regularly.

Our holiday vs Corona – 5

On our way north we drive alongside the coast for a while. We want to visit Cape Cross, because there is a large seal colony. Innumerable wrecks lie in the sea along side this stretch of land, thrown and perished by the treacherous currents, strong winds and suddenly emerging fog back in the days. If […]

Our holiday vs Corona – 4

After our amazing drive trough the mountain pass we arrived at Spreetshoogte camp site, again a fabulous campsite, on top of a cool plateau. Our campsite is in the middle of nowhere. A 25 minute walk from the reception, with nature all around us. Each campsite has its own outdoor shower and toilet facility. Warm […]

Our holiday vs Corona – 3

As we said in a previous blog it’s a piece of cake now for us to pitch our tent but breaking it down became even easier. We put the bedding in the car, place the sticks in the cover and slowly let the tent down. Cover the total package, zip everything and off we go. […]

Our holiday vs Corona – 2

Our 4×4 “house on wheels” is a comfortable one. The Hilux transports us comfortably over the gravel-roads. Which is a good thing, because most of the roads (about 37.000 kilometers) in Namibia are gravel. To make the drive more comfortable we deflated the tyres to 1.8 instead of the normal 2.0. This is an easy […]