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Going on safari in Africa is an unforgettable experience offering an exciting mix of wildlife adventure, unique cultural encounters and spectacular scenery! A vast and highly diverse continent full of fascinating cultures, dramatic scenery and extraordinary animals,

Most popular: Big 5 Safaris in the Kruger National Park; wildebeest migration safaris in the Masai Mara and Serengeti; gorilla tracking in the forests of Uganda and Rwanda; beach holidays and cosmopolitan ‘world-in-one-city’ experiences in Cape Town.

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Travel to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe/Zambia) and combine the wonders of nature (Victoria Falls) with some time in the bush in Hwange National Park or Kafue National Park.Amazing countries which both are worth to visit.Contact us @AffordableAfricaSafaris and we are here to assist

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Ever thought about visiting green and friendly Uganda & Rwanda ?Now is the time to plan your visit to these wonderful countries full ofwildlife and history.Contact us Affordable Africa Safaris and we assist you with your safari plans.

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Amazing sighting for our guests when this peaceful elephant familycrossed the road between our 2 LandCruisers in Tarangire NP,

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21 mrt lucky when you are out on game drive and you come across a pride of lions who suddenly start their hunt.Targeting a solo whartog who is unaware of the presence of this lion pride so close to him.Stalking like cats do in the tall grass and only move when your target has its head down to eat and sneak closer and closer to your target to get within striking range.Watch this amazing sighting which our precious guests had today (21 March 2023) in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.Please subscribe to our free wildlife YouTube channel and give us some thumbs up if you like the wildlife video(s).

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View on Facebook breakfastOften the food in the lodges in the bush is amazing.When you add a special location to this amazing food your bush breakfast is complete.During your morning safari game drive the guide might suddenly bring you to this special place and before you even realise what’s going on you see a table full of food, smiling faces from the crew who you know from the lodge and an awesome looking breakfast.When you think this is all, you be surprised because freshly brewed coffee is poured into a cup and your eggs of choice are prepared on the spot.You sit down and watch the river with all kind of birds while sipping your freshly brewed coffee.Before you know it the lodge crew serves you your hot breakfast and you be invited to add some fruits, scones and roles to your hot breakfast….Even when you experienced this several times over the years, it’s always a wonderful start of the day while on safari.When you had enough food you may leave everything behind and you make your way to the safari vehicle for the second half of your morning game drive and when you come back at the lodge you will be met by the same crew you just saw in the bush having your breakfast.This is just a part of what you may expect while travelling with and when you stay at the right lodges/camps.Contact us for your possibilities and we will be happy to assist you.Contact us via: or simply visit our website www.AffordableAfricaSafaris.comJoin our free wildlife YouTube channel by subscribing below.

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Hello Marcel,Thank you for your welcome message and thank you for the organization of our wonderful holiday.Namibia is a wonderful country with lovely people and well organized. It's a pity that it's so very dry there. Especially for the inhabitants but for us as well. Due to the dry period the landscape does look the same most of the time. Sometimes we felt like being on the moon if we looked at the landscape.Because there was hardly any fresh bush around in Etosha National Park it was easy to spot animals. Unfortunately the animals don't have places to hide because of the drought. We think South Africa has more green bushes and that's what the animals need and what we prefer to see. Our 4x4 Hilux was a great car. We didn't had any problems with it and we even didn't had a flat tire the entire holiday.Our first overnight stop was at a Farm which looked amazing. The German owner advised us not to camp that night but to stay in an available room due to the strong winds which were coming during the night. We followed her advice and had a very nice evening with the family over dinner. They told us a lot about how they run the Farm.Unfortunately we had very strong winds durning the second night so we were forced to prepare our rooftent in the middle of the night and we slept in our vehicle. The strong wind was still around when we visited the Sossusvlei/Deadvlei.The Spitzkoppe camp site was great. Such an amazing place. In Swakopmund we stayed in a very nice hotel. We were surprised that so many people still speak German in Swakopmund.Saving an eland antelope was the highlight of our holiday. We drove up a steep dirt road along some farms when out of the blue a group of Eland antelope stood in front of our car. The elands scared us but we scared them as well. Due to this one of them got stuck in some wires when they tried to run away from us. It took us about 30 minutes to set her free. An amazing feeling to help a huge animal like this.We like to thank you for this wonderful holiday.Best regards, Anneke & Hans
We enjoyed a wonderful vacation in South Africa arranged by Marcel Kuijper of AffordableAfricaSafaris.If you are looking for information about safaris, the right places to stay in South Africa, the right way to reach the accommodations and much more you definitely need to contact AffordableAfricaSafaris. Often the answer to your question(s) are in your inbox as quick as a jet airplane.Thank you for your support.Take care, Karsten family
Hello Marcel,We had a fantastic holiday in wonderful South Africa. Cara and you made it just right for us.Amazing accommodations we had and the tips & tricks we received from the 2 of you were very helpful. Everything was very well arranged!We really miss the South African atmosphere already. Our entire family would like to thank Cara and you for the bush experience you gave us during our holiday in South Africa.Greeting, Pascal, Marjolein, Tim & Noa
To everyone going on holiday to South Africa, I would advise to contact Marcel of Affordable Africa Safaris.He arranged all accommodations for us for a trip from Johannesburg to Durban. He did this within a week, so very fast and in incredibly great places. From places in the middle of the bush for safari to nice guest houses in town.Everything paid in advance, so we did not have to worry about that during our holiday. He also provided us with useful information about the country, do’s and don’ts and emergency contact numbers.​Well arranged! Thanks again for all your help.Mattijs Hoogenbosch
We had a wonderful holiday in South Africa! Because we were not known in the country, we found it very difficult to determine a route and a specific area to visit.Especially because we only had one week to travel. Marcel composed a trip for us including car hire and beautiful lodges to stay overnight (Blyde River Canyon lodge, Rissington Inn in Hazyview)We drove the Panorama route with its beautiful views and after that we spend 3 nights in Shiduli Game lodge in Karongwe. We saw so so many great things during our game drives, the Big 5 and so much more….. beautiful sunrises and sunsets, birds and nature. (See pictures)Our compliments to Marcel for his assistance and for answering all our questions (we had many?) lightning fast.Thanks Marcel (and Cara) for this unforgettable journey.The Marinho de Azevedo family.
Dear Cara & Marcel,We want to thank you and Marcel for all what you did for us. We had a great time in the Kruger Park and saw all animals we wanted. I did not expect to see so much in this periode of the year.We saw everything.4 times the leopard, 3 times the cheeta, a lot of Hyena’s, 4 times jackal, a lot of elephants, lions 4 times, rhinos 6 together, wild african cat, buffalo’s, giraffs, wild dogs, and all others antelopes, zebra’s, crocs, kudu, waterbok, baboons, wildebeest, turtles, snail, insects.We always came in August or November and that was also great but I thought because of the long grass and trees full of leaves we will not see so many animals as we saw before.I come back at maybe 23 of 24 May with a girlfriend of me and if I need assistent by making a booking I will let you know.Thanks again it was great.Regards, Claudia and Richard Nieuwkamp
We have made a wonderful trip to South Africa, where we stayed in 3 lodges. All 3 were different, but all so beautiful.At the Windmill retreat we could recover from the journey and here we had our first safari. At Blyde River Canyon lodge we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the Panorama Route. Next we stayed at Bateleur Safari Camp, which was the cherry on the already delicious cake! What a treat and such an amazing place.We had 6 safaris with excellent guiding, which was also very nice for our kids of 10 and 13. We learned a lot and saw a lot, had delicious food everywhere we stayed and slept well.Marcel and Cara, you made our dream come true. You fulfilled our wishes, we could do no better. Thanks for this special experience, but also for all the tips and guidance. It was great! What is left now is the great experience and beautiful pictures.Regards, the Kamping family
Hello Marcel,Thank you for your email to us after arriving back home. We had an amazing journey trough Botswana!It was so special to see all the wildlife when driving trough the Reserves. We nearly have seen the big 5. Only the rhino we haven’t seen this time but as a fantastic alternative we came across Cheetah and that was a bonus.We would like to thank you for arranging this wonderful trip for us to Botswana. Everything was well arranged, the 4×4 was just great. We have the feeling that we have seen the most beautiful parts of Botswana during this trip.There was a double booking at Baines Baobab camp site so they offered us to stay at South Camp which was no problem for us at all.Maybe this is good for you to know. The staff was very helpful so everything was arranged after a while.All the best, Milan Rikhof
Hi Marcel,We are back to where we started, Windhoek. We had a great and energetic trip around the south of Namibia. Yesterday we both had the feeling to be fulfilled of the beautiful different landscapes with immense dryness and emptiness. Everything has worked out well, also because you organised it neatly for us. Except for one flat tire, we had no problems with the car.Tomorrow we depart for Uganda. This will be quite a change to a wet, green and busy environment, but we are both up to it.Thank you for everything you did to make it an unforgettable trip!Ps. Because you asked me specifically, compared to 20-25 years ago, Sesriem and Sossusvlei have changed into big touristic places. The intimate about Sesriem has disappeared.Regards,Karo and Walter

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