In all those years we ( are in the bush we came across many nice sightings.

Most of the time we take only photos but sometimes we take a nice video as well.
Enjoy the wildest bush sightings caught in the act.

All videos are taken by or her clients

Approaching wildlife from the water and come up close with elephants

Approach wildlife from the water and come up close with elephants and much more wildlife like hippos, crocodiles and many bird species. Often the wild animals are pretty relaxed when approached by a boat from a safe distance. We always respect the animal’s wellbeing. Give them time to relax so they get used to the situation and often you will be rewarded for your effort and patience. The best sightings will be thrown at you when you don’t rush but let Mother Nature decide the pace of what happens. Enjoy yourself and your surroundings because Africa is just beautiful and well worth your visit.

Leopard eating an impala and uninvited company arrives…

Leopards often loose their fresh kill. Wildlife like lions and hyenas follow leopards to steel the leopard’s kill if they have the opportunity. This leopard stowed her freshly made impala kill high and dry. Away from predators like hyenas. We filmed this scene from our vehicle in the Kruger Park. At first we thought this leopard had a snare around her neck so we contacted the Kruger Park authorities to inform them about the snare.

Lion cubs play fight

As the cub get a little older they must scuffle with their brothers and sisters to get their mothers milk. Social play like chasing, roughhousing and playing keep-away with each other is important for bonding. The pride that plays together, stays together! Play also helps our budding predators practice and hone their stalking and hunting skills. In the wild, learning through play is critical to a lion’s survival. This video shows some of the important techniques lion cubs practise with each other. Playful but important for when they grow older. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and see what will happen in the bush.

Hyena on a mission

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta), also known as the laughing hyena, is a hyena species, currently classed as the sole extant member of the genus Crocuta, native to sub-Saharan Africa. It is listed as being of least concern by the IUCN on account of its widespread range and large numbers estimated between 27,000 and 47,000 individuals.

The species is, however, experiencing declines outside of protected areas due to habitat loss and poaching. The species may have originated in Asia, and once ranged throughout Europe for at least one million years until the end of the Late Pleistocene.

Baby elephant introduces his elephant family during beautiful sunset

The sunsets in Africa are often so colorful & beautiful that we always take our time to enjoy this spectacle of colors in the sky. With some clouds in the sky it looks even better than when you have a clear sky.

This elephant calf looks amazing with the sun setting behind him. It looks like he is introducing some other members of the herd who are grazing around him. A better and more peaceful setting is unthinkable and its a wonderful way to end your safari day in the bush.

Several 1000 wildebeests crossed the Mara river in October 2020 again. We saw this wildebeest migration all from the banks of the impressive Mara river.

Many wildebeests (gnoes) yearly need to cross (exodus) the Mara river and the Sand river in the Serengeti, Tanzania to follow the rains.
Rain means new green grasses for them and that is what they need even if this means the wildebeest need to cross the dangerous rivers.

Hungry predators like crocodiles and lions awaits the wildebeests which means even more danger for the gnoes to cross rivers.

This crossing/migration took place on the 30th September 2020. was present to witness this wonder of nature live from the Tanzania side in the Serengeti National Park.
We saw 3 wildebeest crossings and the one crossing you see in this youtube movie was the 3rd and biggest we experienced so far.

Often it can be very crowded with vehicles during these wildebeest crossings but due to the corona virus hardly any safari vehicle was present. Our LandCruiser was on the right spot at the right time. Call it luck or experience. We call it a healthy mix of both options.
Our professional guides feel where to be at the right time.

Be a part of this mass wildebeest migration in 2021. Book your migration safari and be part of this spectacle.

The entire pride of 10 cubs and 4 lionesses already passed our vehicle when suddenly this huge full maned lion came out of nowhere. Following his family to a shady spot along a slow running river.

Often lions are found close to water. During the day the lion pride sleeps most of the day. About 18-20 hours a day the lions spend sleeping conserving their energy for night time activities.

So now and then the male lion shows up at his family after patrolling his territory. The male’s territory can go up to 160 square kilometers which he needs to patrol regularly to keep other male lions out and to keep his family safe.

This full maned lion passed our vehicle with only one thing on his mind. He wanted to relax near the rest of his pride. Not bothered at all by our presents he kept walking just alongside our vehicle.

Amazing to see how big the male lion is and how relaxed he acted.

All this can be experienced in the Serengeti, Tanzania.
The best way to experience the bush is to travel with our own guides who love to show you the bush and to share their knowledge with you.

Our hidden bush cameras caught, to our surprise, a very curious fox and the resident beaver. The fox isn’t sure what to smell and do. If you look at him/her you can see the doubts in his/her mind. There is something there but what is it, seems to be the thought. The beaver is doing its routine round. We saw signs of the beaver when we visited the area so we decided to check it out and place our hidden bush camera so we could see if our instincts were right. Always great to see our local wildlife on camera. Soon we place the cameras out again to see if more wildlife will show up on camera.

Wait for it with your sound on…. This young elephant already thinks he is a big boy by showing off to his crowd, the 2 baboons…. Head up high makes him look bigger and the baboons buy this and make their way out of this mud pool. Once the young elephant chased the baboons away it’s time for him to be reunited with his patiently waiting elephant family. The only thing he needs to do is to get out of this mud pool as elegantly as possible but we are not sure if he succeeded to be elegant. Give your dumbs up if this will at least given you a smile on your face. We recorded this in wonderful Zimbabwe. Matetsi Lodge (former AndBeyond Lodge) hosted us for 5 days and we had the time of our lives. Just 2 hours away from the Victoria Falls so a perfect get away and very easy to combine your safari with a visit to the mighty Victoria Falls. Matetsi Reserve is a guarantee for great wildlife sightings and no mass tourism. Most of the time you will have your special sighting for yourself and you may spend as much time at the sighting as you need. For your special Zimbabwe trip you can contact us at We work together with a local guide who is more than happy to show you around and to stay with you during your holiday in amazing and surprisingly Zimbabwe. During your entire trip you have your private guide in Zimbabwe.

Vultures fighting over a dead lion carcass in the Masai Mara, Kenya. A rare sighting this is even in the Masai Mara. Seeing many vultures together in the Masai Mara, Kenya often means there is a carcass on the ground but most of the time this is a wildebeest or buffalo carcass killed by lions. This time we were surprised to recognise a dead lion. Several kind of vultures are at the scene from white backed vultures to lappet faced vultures. The bigger you are the more rights you have to eat so the smaller vultures keep their distance and wait for their turn to dig in. The marabu stork (the undertaker) tries to grab a piece of the carcass when the opportunity arises. Marabu storks are unable to tear off big pieces of meat themselves. Other big birds need to open up the carcasses for them and they “steel” some meat where they can. With so many vultures on the dead lion the carcass was finished within hours. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us!

Very close lion encounter. During one of the many game drives we have experienced as owners of some “meetings” are memorable. Look at tracker Eddy (KwaMBili Lodge, Thornybush game reserve). It doesn’t even bother this wise tracker Eddy to meet up with an adolescent lion next to his feet. He knows exactly what to do. The young lion looks at him and moves on to his family because with this tracker he can’t play. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us ! Only with

Now the Corona virus is dominating the world we think it’s time to assemble our wildlife photos and let the wildlife speak for itself.

Wildlife vs Corona (2)

Now the Corona virus is dominating the world we think it’s time to assemble our wildlife photos and let the wildlife speak for itself.

Wildlife vs Corona (1)

Why should you visit Karongwe Private Game Reserve? Karongwe Private Game Reserve, overlooking the majestic Drakensberg mountain range in the Limpopo Province, is set apart from similar properties by the extraordinary lengths we are willing to go to in order to ensure that your stay with us is a memorable experience.

Game drives and nature walks are for the most of us the regular activities which are organized from every safari lodge/camp but at Bateleur Camp Timbavati in South Africa they lift their activities to another dimension.

When you travel to the Okavango Delta, Botswana we from advice you to stay in bush camps like the camps you see in this youtube film.

Imagine yourself waking up in an open luxury tent listening to the birds around you. Wake up underneath a basket shower and sit in front of your tent with a hot tea/coffee. You can join a guided safari walk but just relax in camp is a very good option as well. See elephants and giraffes passing you while they just mind their own business.

Do you get the picture? In that case its time to contact us  and we help you to realize your safari of a lifetime.

How funny this looks if baboons cross a river

Watching a troop of baboons crossing a river is much fun. Keeping their arms up and jump from dry island to dry island most of them stayed pretty dry but some of them made a bad estimate and they ended up in the middle of the water. Watch their reaction. I am sure you will have at least a smile on your face.

Close huge male lion encouter

Sit still and don’t move !! Our tracker acted very cool this close to a huge male lion just on his left side. Check out our shadows to see how close this male lion settled himself next to the open game drive vehicle. An adrenaline rush for all of us but definitely for our relaxed tracker. The lion keeps an eye on him all the time.

Typical African massage

All of you who have ever been on safari in Africa recognize this African massage feeling. Covering ground in the African wilderness is just an amazing feeling. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!!

Wild dog vs impala vs hyena

A very special sighting when we found an injured and pregnant impala. With the wild dogs in the area it meant lots of action.

How do wild dogs feed their young?

After a succesful hunt the dogs return to their den to feed the rest of the pack. This very social animal regurgitate the meat. The pups eat this and keep on begging for more. A special sighting because the wild dog population is decreasing rapidly due to over populated areas of humans, especially in South Africa.

#Timbavati Reserve, South Africa
​What an amazing sighting if you witness wild dogs killing an impala and the hyenas try to steel it but the spotted wolves just take it back.
We are so glad that our clients were there on the right time on the right place.

Listen with sound!!!

All credits to one of the trackers Lucky of Bateleur Camp, Timbavati.

#Timbavati Reserve, South Africa

How funny this looks when a lion cub bravely climbed into a small tree but once up in the tree its hard to get down the tree again.
Listen with sound!!!

Video is taken by our guests the van Buuren family.
Well done guys.

How amazing is it to see a wildebeest crossing.

Huge crocodiles waiting for you in the river. You managed to cross this river without been eaten than a lioness awaits you on the other bank.
Watch this amazing video taken by our guests the Bezemer family.


Every wild dog pack member is responsible to feed the new born pups. After each hunt the wild dogs bring back the meat to the den to feed the pups. The dogs regurgitate the meat and the wild dog pups enjoy a warm buffet.

What are your best safari memories?

We have so many fantastic memories.

Have you ever seen so many elephants together?

Guide Vusa Sibanda saw this huge herds in Matetsi National Park, Zimbabwe.
Great capture, I would say.

Always great sightings, amazing accommodations with professional staff and all the luxury you wish for…

All of this can be found in Madikwe game Reserve, South Africa.

#Victoria Falls National Park, Zimbabwe

Our good friend and guide Vusa Sibanda was lucky enough to join this herd of
elephants during their Zambezi river crossing.

#South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Our Hyena den cam captured some very young hyena cubs following mom up the steep climb out of the den. So special to see this.

#Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

Switch on your sound !!!! and listen to the fairytale told by our ranger.

#Dullstroom, South Africa

A special sighting because you hear this bird often but hardly ever see this Red
Chested Cuckoo/Piet-my-vrou

Video taken by

#Mara river crossing point, Kenya

Video is taken by

#Water hole at Baobab Ridge Lodge, South Africa

Images taken with the hidden bush camera

#Klaserie Private reserve, South Africa

This video was taken by

#Klaserie Private Reserve, South Africa

This video is taken by client Marieke Konings

#Matetsi Reserve, Zimbabwe

#Masai Mara, Kenya

#Kgalagadi desert, South Africa

#Matetsi Reserve, Zimbabwe

#Masai Mara, Kenya

#Mara Triangle, Kenya

#Masai Mara, Kenya

#Masai Mara, Kenya

#Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

#Masai Mara, Kenya

#Masai Mara, Kenya

#Masai Mara, Kenya

#Manyeleti Reserve, South Africa

#Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

#Matetsi Reserve, Zimbabwe

#Madikwe Reserve, South Africa

#Manyeleti Reserve, South Africa

#Ila Safari Lodge, Zambia

#Masai Mara, Kenya

#Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

#Madikwe Reserve sunset, South Africa

#Zambezi River, Zambia

#Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

#Etosha National Park, Namibia

#Matetsi Reserve, Zimbabwe

#Manyeleti Reserve, South Africa

#Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

#Manyeti Private Reserve, South Africa

#Klaserie Private Reserve, South Africa

#Matetsi Reserve, Zimbabwe

#Manyeleti Reserve, South Africa

#Relaxed elephant or…. Matetsi Reserve, Zimbabwe

#Mating lions at Matetsi Reserve, Zimbabwe

#Elephants crossing the Kafue River, Zambia

#Water hole in Kruger Park

#Elephants at the bar at Ila Green Safari Lodge, Zambia

#Wild Dogs run while hunting, Manyeleti Reserve South Africa

#Amazing Wild Dog hunt, Okavango Delta Botswana

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