ricky dampers
ricky at work

My name is Ricky Dampers

I was born in the beautiful Zimbabwe on 20 February 1997. My home town is Harare.

At the age of 8 years old I started with my drawings. My first drawings were cartoons, but my love for wildlife is huge, so I decided to teach myself how to draw animals like lions and leopards.

I was pretty young, but soon it appeared that I had the right quality to grow and to make the drawings more beautiful. Sometimes children inherit certain qualities from their parents, but in my case I taught myself everything. My parents are no artists at all.

I use charcoal for my work. From a young age I felt bad when I saw animal cruelty. That stimulated me more and more to show and draw the beauty of wildlife.

Please take a look at my work. You are more than welcome to contact me directly. I can also draw an animal on request. If you have taken a wonderful photo which you like to have as a piece of art in your house, just ask me and we make a plan.

African people always make a plan.

I can ship my work worldwide. I ship it with FedEx. For more details don’t hesitate to contact me via email.


Thank you very much for your support and we might meet each other soon.

Best regards, Ricky Dampers


zebra family

Zebra family | 600 USD | 45x30cm


Wild dog | 900 USD | 84x60cm


Giraffe | 900 USD | 60x36cm


Zebras | 500 USD | 84x63cm


Pangolin | 300 USD | 84x63cm

wild dog closeup_1

Wilddogs face | 600 USD | 87x63m

Lion 1

Lion | 500 USD | 84x63cm

Zebra eye

Zebra eye | 200 USD | 35x20cm


Lion | 2,000 USD | 100x70cm


Buffalo | 800 USD | 80x45cm


Leopard | 700 USD | 90x64cm

wild dog

Fullbody wilddog | 300 USD | 45x35cm

wild dog closeup

Wilddogs face | 600 USD | 87x63m

AffordableAfricaSafaris.com isn’t responsible for the art I make, the payment and shipments of any of my work.  AffordableAfricaSafaris.com just offers me a platform (for free) to show my wildlife art to as many people worldwide as possible. If you order any of my art it will be an agreement between me (Ricky Dampers) and the client without any responsibility for AffordableAfricaSafaris.com. We at AffordableAfricaSafaris.com can’t be held responsible for any disagreements, damage of the piece of art in any stage.