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South Africa – May / June 2021

Alltough it was not officially allowed, we decided to make a safari with in may/june 2021.

We went to the Krugerpark and a few lodges just outside the park.
Everything was arranged and organized perfectly by Marcel and Claudia.
It started already in the Netherlands, we had contact several times and they were able to arrange some very nice offers for the lodges and guesthouses we stayed in.

When we arrived in Johannesburg there was somebody to pick us up and we stayed in a very nice guesthouse ‘just around the corner’ (Sunrock Guesthouse).

The next day we flew to Hoedspruit and there we met Marcel and Claudia. They arranged 4 nights and 8 gamedrives in 2 very different lodges! One very luxurious lodge (Baobab Ridge Lodge) and one very primitive and unfenced Camp (Pungwe Camp) but both really charming!

Than we had 2 days to relax in a very new and modern lodge (Little Kubu Lodge).
After that we went into the Krugerpark. We stayed in a few SAN-parks, basic, but very nice houses.
As said, every accomodation was arranged on forehand and we only had to drive to it and check-in….very easy and relaxed!

Our highlights during this trip were several, a leopard hanging in a tree with an impala she just ate, 2 leopard-cups playing on a rock, another leopard walking with us on the road, a mating couple of lions and a roaring lion.

A lot of hippo’s, elephants and buffalo’s. We even saw 2 rhino’s and some wild dogs.
Due to corona it was very quiet in the park, that was really nice.
And as said: Claudia and Marcel arranged everything very good! We had an amazing holiday.

Thank you, guys!

Greetings, Petra & Aldo Grolle

Kenya, February 2020


How much we enjoyed it!

On Valentine’s Day we left and got to spend the night in Nairobi in a beautiful tent. And visited Nairobi National Park.

After that we drove onwards to the hot, but oh so beautiful Samburu, in the North. We had a great accommodation and we saw a lot!

After a stop at the equator we drove west, to Lake Nakuru. Very funny to stay in a hotel with only Kenyan people. Where we were the special thing of interest.

In Lake Nakuru we saw many rhino’s, the famous flamingos, a wild dog and a lot more.

And after Lake Nakuru we drove south to the Masai Mara for the finishing part. It was amazing!! We saw many cheetah’s, lions mating, beautiful sceneries, animals everywhere in the fantastic landscape.

On our way back to Nairobi we visited the Karen Blixen house and the giraffe  sanctuary.

What a great trip was this! From al those days we made a small impression with the pictures in a  photo collage.

Thanks to AffordableAfricaSafaris for the unforgettable journey.


Freriks family

South Africa, February 2020

Hi Marcel of AffordableAfricaSafaris,

Barry & Elizabeth were absolutely lovely. Awesome tour guides.

Unfortunately it was so hot the animals were in hiding. We saw 7 rhino, impalas, hundreds of them. Warthogs & a sleeping lion in the bush. We really wanted to see elephants & giraffes. Barry tried his hardest to find them but unfortunately they were keeping a low profile out the sun.

The storm on the way home was the worst I’ve seen. It was crazy. Thank you so much for arranging the safari.

AnnMarie Freeman

Namibia, January 2020

Hello Marcel & Cara,

Thank you for your email to us about the welcome home. We really appreciated that message.

Namibia was amazing. We enjoyed the country, the Reserves, the peaceful surroundings, the animals and the weather.
We got a bit nervous when we saw the weather forecast but it worked out very well because we saw the behaviour of the animals change and we saw Mother Nature change as well. Very interesting.

All the lodges were superb and your planning and guidance was overwhelming. We like to thank you again for your assistance and we definitely will contact you again when we travel back to Africa.

Best regards, Lisanne & Christian

Namibia, September/October 2019

Good evening Marcel,

We would like to thank you for organising a great holiday for us! We went from one surprise to another. Nature, the animals, the roads :)!

The combination of camping and sleeping in lodges was very nice. Every sleeping place was different.

These were our highlights:

  • The leopard in Transfrontier Park. We were lucky to see a leopard walking. He went into a tree and back out, finding another place to sleep.
  • The beautiful dunes in Sossusvlei. Michel loved driving in the loose sand.
  • The “house” elephant at our campsite in Damaraland. He came to wake us up at 5am by having his breakfast next to our car. Scary and fun at the same time.
  • The animals in Etosha. Hundreds of animals drinking together at a waterhole was unreal to see. It was very nice that we had 2,5 days to spend here.
  • The beautiful nature of Namibia that changed quickly.
  • The sky full of stars at Sossusvlei.

The booklet we received was very helpful in preparing everything. We never had any problems with reservations anywhere, which was very nice. Especially after long drives on rather bad roads! Those roads we will never forget. And we did not even had 1 flat tire!!

We had a great time and have memories and pictures for life. We had very nice food and drinks! Also we experienced the local people as very friendly and hospitable.

We are home for a few days now and still enjoying it.

Once again, thank you very much!

Claudia and Michel Ballizany

Namibia, September/October 2019

Hello Marcel,

Thank you for your welcome message and thank you for the organization of our wonderful holiday. Namibia is a wonderful country with lovely people and well organized. It’s a pity that it’s so very dry there. Especially for the inhabitants but for us as well. Due to the dry period the landscape does look the same most of the time. Sometimes we felt like being on the moon if we looked at the landscape.

Because there was hardly any fresh bush around in Etosha National Park it was easy to spot animals. Unfortunately the animals don’t have places to hide because of the drought. We think South Africa has more green bushes and that’s what the animals need and what we prefer to see. Our 4×4 Hilux was a great car. We didn’t had any problems with it and we even didn’t had a flat tire the entire holiday.

Our first overnight stop was at a Farm which looked amazing. The German owner advised us not to camp that night but to stay in an available room due to the strong winds which were coming during the night. We followed her advice and had a very nice evening with the family over dinner. They told us a lot about how they run the Farm.

Unfortunately we had very strong winds durning the second night so we were forced to prepare our rooftent in the middle of the night and we slept in our vehicle. The strong wind was still around when we visited the Sossusvlei/Deadvlei.
The Spitzkoppe camp site was great. Such an amazing place. In Swakopmund we stayed in a very nice hotel. We were surprised that so many people still speak German in Swakopmund.

Saving an eland antelope was the highlight of our holiday. We drove up a steep dirt road along some farms when out of the blue a group of Eland antelope stood in front of our car. The elands scared us but we scared them as well. Due to this one of them got stuck in some wires when they tried to run away from us. It took us about 30 minutes to set her free. An amazing feeling to help a huge animal like this.
We like to thank you for this wonderful holiday.

Best regards, Anneke & Hans

Kenya, September 2019

Hello Joash & Marcel,

There are some things I would like to share with you about the safari.

We realy enjoyed Julia’s Lodge. Especially the way it is situated on the riverbanks. The tents are basic. The bed is great. The food was simpel but good enough for us. The staff is very, very friendly and helpfull. I was very glad we got the landcruiser. The roads on this site of the Mara are much rougher then I remember from previous safari’s, which were in the Mara Triangle.

I was wondering if there is more wildlife on that site of the river?

I wanted to let you know that Paul was a great and safe driver. We had to cross the Talek river several times. He knows very well how to handle the car in all the different situations. We felt very safe with him, as I told you on the phone

Kind regards

Arianne Swinkels

South Africa, September 2019

Hi Marcel, 

Sorry just got back to normal back home! 

Had an amazing time, everything went smoothly and was picked up on time. The game reserve was exactly what we expected and had a great time. Saw lots of rhinos, giraffes, buffalo and others. 

Paul the guide was brilliant and I’d definitely book him again. 

We’re just in the process of writing up a blog post about it and our recommendation to the other crew so will let you know when it goes live. 

Here’s a couple of photos…

Thanks so much for your help 

Gina Adair, British Airways crew member

Uganda, August 2019 – Best vacation ever…

I highly recommend to contact Marcel Kuijper of for your trip to Africa.

We had the best vacation ever!

We’ve taken a lot of wonderful trips but this one is by far our best vacation ever! I must give Marcel huge credits for that. He listened well to our wishes and understood what we wanted and then developed the trip of a lifetime for us! Thank you so much!!!

Before we went we received very professional assistance and advices so we were well prepared.

The best thing Marcel did for us was to appoint Bob Magezi as our guide. I know, more people write that their guide was great and did the extra mile, not Bob, he did 10 extra.

His knowledge of Uganda, culture, politics, the birds, the plants and of course of all the animals…impressive! His relationship with locals, other guides, rangers and anyone we met, he seems to know them and everyone loves him. Bob always made sure that we saw what we wanted and made us feel like VIP with the best places and best view. I highly recommend Bob Magezi.

Besides his professional knowledge and perfect driving skills, he is great to be with, we had so much fun together and were sorry to say goodbye to a good friend.

In 11 days we visited Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (where we walked between the rhinos!), Murchison Falls National Park, KibaleForest National Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mburo National Park.

We went on foot safari, did river cruises, slept in the most wonderful accommodations, met the friendliest people, enjoyed local food and drinks, went through a variety of different habitats like mountains, tropical rainforest, woodland, freshwater lakes, swamps and savanna and of course were blown away by all the beautiful and impressive animals we met : lions, leopards, chimps, rhinos, crocs, hippos, impalas, giraffes, elephants, buffalos, kobs, many different kind of monkeys and so many more.

If you ever decide to go to Uganda, choose, they will build you the itinerary of your wishes and if you ask for Bob Magezi, you will have the trip of your life!

Best regards, Wibo Smit

Uganda, June 2019

Authentic friendly, hospitable and flexible and also making your stay worth.

Uganda was a completely unknown country for us to go, we were never in the middle of Africa before. It was nice to be with a local who was there for you and who also liked being your guide and talk with you about the country and all other stuff that might come up.

The tour was well organized and when we changed our mind about seeing something else it was no problem to adjust the schedule. Before leaving and during the trip it was easy possible to contact the tour operator with worries about some events (ebola in west-uganda at that time) and we felt comforted after contact. So in one word: TOP!


Written by the Voets family

South Africa, August 2019

Hi, just returned from South Africa, the highlight of our family trip was a safari, organised by Marcel Kuijper at @

Cannot recommend booking through Marcel enough. I booked the trip last minute, he worked around the flights That had availability and found the most amazing lodge 3-4 hours from Durban. Marcel was professional and answered all my questions quickly and professionally.  If you’re thinking of a safari , look no further.

Greetings, Julie Nuttall, Great Britain

Kenia, July 2019

Hi Marcel,

Back from a wonderful safari in Tsavo National Park. Unfortunately we had only time for a three-day-trip, but it was magnificent and overwhelming. I’ve been on many safari’s in several countries before but the surroundings of Tsavo were stunning, and a complete new experience to me. We have seen many elephants, but also lions, cheeta’s and hyena’s. And of course many more “little” animals.

It was quite last minute to book this trip with you but you have done your utmost to arrange this safari in a short time. Glad we took your advise to book a landcruiser and to stay 2 nights in this simple but very good accommodation, Sentrim Tarhi camp. Food was great, (besides the buffet every night pizza-station which was very nice for the girls and other kids), staff was very friendly, location was fantastic with a waterhole just in front of our tents. Elephants, lions, giraffes, baboons, all came to have drink with us :-). The camp gave us a real safari-feeling.

Many thanx again, and yes we will definitely go on safari again with the 4 of us :-))

Regards, Anne & Melvin, Yara, Irem

South Africa, March 2019

Hi Marcel,

We are back to where we started, Windhoek. We had a great and energetic trip around the south of Namibia. Yesterday we both had the feeling to be fulfilled of the beautiful different landscapes with immense dryness and emptiness. Everything has worked out well, also because you organised it neatly for us. Except for one flat tire, we had no problems with the car.

Tomorrow we depart for Uganda. This will be quite a change to a wet, green and busy environment, but we are both up to it.

Thank you for everything you did to make it an unforgettable trip!

Ps. Because you asked me specifically, compared to 20-25 years ago, Sesriem and Sossusvlei have changed into big touristic places. The intimate about Sesriem has disappeared.


Karo and Walter

Botswana April – May 2019

Hello Marcel,

Thank you for your email to us after arriving back home. We had an amazing journey trough Botswana!

elephant reviewIt was so special to see all the wildlife when driving trough the Reserves. We nearly have seen the big 5. Only the rhino we haven’t seen this time but as a fantastic alternative we came across Cheetah and that was a bonus.

We would like to thank you for arranging this wonderful trip for us to Botswana. Everything was well arranged, the 4×4 was just great. We have the feeling that we have seen the most beautiful parts of Botswana during this trip.

There was a double booking at Baines Baobab camp site so they offered us to stay at South Camp which was no problem for us at all.

Maybe this is good for you to know. The staff was very helpful so everything was arranged after a while.

The photo I´ve added is from an elephant at Nxai Pans!

All the best, Milan Rikhof

South Africa, March 2019

We have made a wonderful trip to South Africa, where we stayed in 3 lodges. All 3 were different, but all so beautiful.

At the Windmill retreat we could recover from the journey and here we had our first safari. At Blyde River Canyon lodge we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the Panorama Route. Next we stayed at Bateleur Safari Camp, which was the cherry on the already delicious cake! What a treat and such an amazing place.

We had 6 safaris with excellent guiding, which was also very nice for our kids of 10 and 13. We learned a lot and saw a lot, had delicious food everywhere we stayed and slept well.

Marcel and Cara, you made our dream come true. You fulfilled our wishes, we could do no better. Thanks for this special experience, but also for all the tips and guidance. It was great! What is left now is the great experience and beautiful pictures.

Regards, the Kamping family

South Africa, March 2019

Dear Cara & Marcel,

We want to thank you and Marcel for all what you did for us. We had a great time in the Kruger Park and saw all animals we wanted. I did not expect to see so much in this periode of the year.
We saw everything.

4 times the leopard, 3 times the cheeta, a lot of Hyena’s, 4 times jackal, a lot of elephants, lions 4 times, rhinos 6 together, wild african cat, buffalo’s, giraffs, wild dogs, and all others antelopes, zebra’s, crocs, kudu, waterbok, baboons, wildebeest, turtles, snail, insects.

We always came in August or November and that was also great but I thought because of the long grass and trees full of leaves we will not see so many animals as we saw before.

I come back at maybe 23 of 24 May with a girlfriend of me and if I need assistent by making a booking I will let you know.

Thanks again it was great.

Regards, Claudia and Richard Nieuwkamp

South Africa, February 2019

We had a wonderful holiday in South Africa! Because we were not known in the country, we found it very difficult to determine a route and a specific area to visit.

Especially because we only had one week to travel. Marcel composed a trip for us including car hire and beautiful lodges to stay overnight (Blyde River Canyon lodge, Rissington Inn in Hazyview)

We drove the Panorama route with its beautiful views and after that we spend 3 nights in Shiduli Game lodge in Karongwe. We saw so so many great things during our game drives, the Big 5 and so much more….. beautiful sunrises and sunsets, birds and nature. (See pictures)

Our compliments to Marcel for his assistance and for answering all our questions (we had many?) lightning fast.

Thanks Marcel (and Cara) for this unforgettable journey.

The Marinho de Azevedo family.

South Africa, February 2019

To everyone going on holiday to South Africa, I would advise to contact Marcel of Affordable Africa Safaris.

He arranged all accommodations for us for a trip from Johannesburg to Durban. He did this within a week, so very fast and in incredibly great places. From places in the middle of the bush for safari to nice guest houses in town.

Everything paid in advance, so we did not have to worry about that during our holiday. He also provided us with useful information about the country, do’s and don’ts and emergency contact numbers.

​Well arranged! Thanks again for all your help.

Mattijs Hoogenbosch

South Africa, February 2019

Rhinos and Buffalos

Hello Marcel,

We had a fantastic holiday in wonderful South Africa. Cara and you made it just right for us.

Amazing accommodations we had and the tips & tricks we received from the 2 of you were very helpful. Everything was very well arranged!

We really miss the South African atmosphere already. Our entire family would like to thank Cara and you for the bush experience you gave us during our holiday in South Africa.

Greeting, Pascal, Marjolein, Tim & Noa

South Africa, January 2019

lion cubs elephants in river

We enjoyed a wonderful vacation in South Africa arranged by Marcel Kuijper of AffordableAfricaSafaris.

If you are looking for information about safaris, the right places to stay in South Africa, the right way to reach the accommodations and much more you definitely need to contact AffordableAfricaSafaris. Often the answer to your question(s) are in your inbox as quick as a jet airplane.

Thank you for your support.

Take care, Karsten family

South Africa, November 2018

Hey AffordableAfricaSafaris,

Thank you !!!

We had a top vacation in South Africa ! We really enjoyed our holiday. An amazing beautiful country. I think we have seen & photographed pretty much all wildlife available accept for the wild dogs, so reason enough for us to do this once again in the future.

Thank you for everything, Alex & Fabienne

South Africa, October 2018


Hello Marcel,

Liezelot and I just arrived back from South Africa. It was fantastic! Our stay at Buffelshoek was the highlight of our holiday.

The Manyeleti Reserve is amazing. So much wildlife, really not normal that much. One of the highlights was a leopard eating an impala in a tree with many hyena waiting under that same tree.
​They waited until the Leopard would spoil them with a piece of his treasure. Unfortunately it was already dark so photographing was mission impossible for us.

Once again we like to thank you for your assistance in putting this holiday together for us.

​Best wishes, Paul van den Berg

Tanzania, October 2018

Hello Marcel & Jurie,

Back from a fantastic holiday. We have thoroughly enjoyed  our trip to Tanzania.

The itinerary that you have put together was very good. We have seen so much wildlife and beautiful scenic views also thanks to our eagle eyed guide Ally. Ally took good care of us.  He is a very good driver, taking no chances when overtaking cars. We felt very safe with him.

There are a couple of points I want to highlight, don’t take these as a complaint.

-When we arrived at Country Lodge Karatu we found that were upgraded to the Marera Valley Lodge. That was a wonderful upgrade by the same accommodation owner.

​-Unfortunately the Kilimanjaro park fees hadn’t been paid due to problems with the online payment system. Milestone had tried for 2 days without success but then left it for the final day whereby they had to go to the bank after all. This meant we had to wait 2 hrs before we could enter the park.

-On our third day in Serengeti, Ally had to get the  broken spring of the Landcruiser fixed in the garage whereby we missed the game drive that afternoon.

The accommodations were absolutely great with nice views, good food and sometimes roaring lions at night.  Waking up in a tent in Tarangire NP or Serengeti NP at sunrise, the sounds, animals sniffing around the tent in the dark, how exciting can it be?

Personnel in all accommodations were very friendly. We felt welcome and they were really making an effort.

We have really enjoyed the safari and we are sure that more will follow. You can plan this for us, we know!

Many thanks & regards,

Catsburg family

South Africa, August 2018

We had a fantastic time in South Africa.

​We started out in Cape Town which was the part we arranged ourselves. After Cape Town we flew to Johannesburg were we had the arranged meet & Greet at the airport. The next day our adventure started.

The Panorama Route was gorgeous and the highlight of our trip was our stay at Baobab Ridge Lodge.

Our stay here was the cherry on our cake. It wasn’t the Reserve only but the total package at this lodge which made us feel very good. The personal touch from the Baobab Ridge Lodge team was just suburb.

Brett was our ranger and he told lots of things about the wild life and the bush. A very nice atmosphere you can feel in this lodge. We would rank it with a 10++. Diners under the stars in the boma and the swimming pool with a live view over the water hole is just perfect.

It was very hard for us to leave this place. We would like to thank you for giving us this experience AffordableAfricaSafaris

Please inform your next guest who will sleep at Blyde River Wilderness Lodge that the off road part to reach this accommodation is about 6 kilometers and that this road is full of potholes. A quick visit to town and come back when it’s dark is very challenging on this dirt road. We know this is Africa!!

We had a super holiday thanks to your organization.

​Greetings, Katinka, Willem & Eline van den Berg

Tanzania, August 2018

Hello Marcel,

We had a perfect holiday in Tanzania which we won’t forget quickly. We have seen so many animals and our holiday was well organized by you. Our private ranger/driver Claud was very good, enthusiastic and he gave us a welcome feeling throughout the holiday. Claud informed us about everything we came across.

The next time we go I rather stay 2 nights in the amazing Tarangire National Park instead of only 1 night at Tarangire and 1 night at Lake Manyara National Park. At Lake Manyara we only saw some elephants and that was it.

Rhotia Valley Accommodation is an amazing place you guys offer to your guests. The Dutch couple which is running this accommodation and the children’s home are  very sweet people. The tour through the children’s home had great impact on us. We brought them all kind of stuff they needed and on their website (see above) there is a list of what they still can use.

Mbalageti Lodge was our next stop and we enjoyed the lodge on our self planned free afternoon. That’s the big advantage of having a private 4×4 LandCruiser with private guide ?

Mbugani Camp and the Ngorongoro Crater topped our fantastic holiday off.

On Zanzibar we enjoyed Zanzibar Queen hotel a lot. Unfortunately after this place it was time to head home again but we really had an amazing trip.

Thank you for your assistance Jurie and Marcel

Kool family

South Africa, August 2018

Good day Marcel,

Thank you for your welcome home message to us. We really had a fantastic holiday! Such an amazing beautiful country with the most beautiful accommodation which you found for us.
​Each and every accommodation was a surprise for us. At every destination they welcomed us by our last name, what we really appreciated.

​Cara and you prepared our trip just perfect, great program, just the way we wanted it including the day-by-day routing from destination to destination.

Everything was just perfect. We think that the first accommodation (Village Green Guesthouse) was a bit outdated or maybe our room was but the staff and breakfast were very good.

Bateleur Camp was fantastic. The location, staff, program, the tent (accommodation) and the food and much more were excellent. Highly recommended !! We love to go back there and we already know the person who can assist us again ?

We would like to thank you for your support, it really was fantastic to be able to do this.

Greetings Paul & Linda

Namibia & South Africa, August 2018

Hello Cara & Marcel,

We are back from a more than fantastic holiday. We really loved Namibia, such a beautiful country.
Many different landscapes. All campsites very okay, clean, small and well organised.

South Africa was also great! The route plan you and Cara made for us was great and the lodges were all awesome. They really made our holiday great.

We also liked all the travel suggestions you gave us! In the end we think we stayed too short in both countries, so we definitely have to come back and hopefully make use of your services again.

I will definitely tell other colleagues about you, which in fact I already did.

​Thank you very much Marcel and Cara.

Regards, Annette Prins

Tanzania Southern Reserves, August 2018


Hello AffordableAfricaSafaris,

Our trip was just top!! All our Southern Park accommodations had their own specialties and the highlight was our private island Fanjove.

At the moment there are only small-scale accommodations but apparently there are plans for bigger scale accommodations so we were there just in time.

The driving times between the Southern Reserves are huge and a bit longer than we expected. Please add at least 2 hours more to the driving times than you normally do and that will be more realistic.

E.g. the driving time between Mikumi Reserve and Ruaha Reserve was about 11 hours and thats a long drive. Despite the long driving day we enjoyed the drives because the landscape is changing all the time so we didn’t want to miss this.

Our driver/ranger Afrael was very skilled. His English is just perfect and didactic very good towards our children. He informed us about many things like Culture, Historic evens and about the Tanzanian people.

We really felt that we were not only with our family of 4 but we adopted Afrael in our family during this trip so we were actually with our family of 5 persons.

I added some photos for you to use.
Once again, we had a very good safari time in amazing Tanzania.

Best regards, the Koopmans family

South Africa, July 2018

We went on holiday together with our 3 daughters of 14 and 16. First Cape Town and after that a domestic flight to Johannesburg. Travelled via Dullstroom to Hoedspruit and onwards to Krugerpark.

It was great! All accommodations, car rental and transfers were perfectly arranged by Marcel and Cara. Highlight of the trip was our stay in Baobab Ridge, a lodge in Klaserie, a private game reserve in the Greater Kruger.

We stayed 3 nights and we highly enjoyed the game drives, the animals, the pool, the fantastic food and the warm hospitality of all the staff. Our guide Jason taught us so much about life in the bush, plants and animals. He could tell it in such a way that even our teenage girls were fascinated.

What a place! After Kruger we drove back to Joburg for a flight to Mauritius. On this fantastic island, in Canonniers Beach Comber Resort, we could rest well and reminisce about all the great things we experienced in South Africa.

We are very much satisfied with Marcel and Cara, how well they helped us organise the trip and finding the best accommodations.

For us it was difficult to do ourselves, because we did not have any clue about travel distances and nice places to visit.

​We absolutely recommend AffordableAfricaSafaris!
Sjaak, Julia, Luca, Indi and Linda

Kenya, July 2018

Hi Joash & Marcel,

Tx for a really good trip.  We saw lots of animals and managed to get the “big five”.  Numerous photos which will take some time to process, and I will definitely share some with you which you can use on the website etc.

We really appreciate the good communications during our enquiry phase, and coordination pre-arrival.

Private ranger Ben was excellent.  He took good care of us and helped us to see all the animals.
He also kept us safe as there were a couple of incidences along the way (a local demonstration causing a road block and having to make a small payment for passage on one of the off-road tracks).

Couple of things which could be improved:

1. The masai village visit included in the program: we were caught out when the masai asked for $100 entry fee (despite saying it was a “donation”).  In the end we gave him $50. It would have helped to warn that a payment will be expected for this.

2. Other thing was the long transfer from Amboseli to Nakuru. There was no way this could have been done in time as per the program. In the end I suggested we stop for lunch somewhere.

But it was a great holiday!

Many thanks, Chau Shum

Tanzania, June 2018

We just returned from a memorable journey with my 2 daughters. We travelled some National Parks in Tanzania and we topped it off with some beach days on Zanzibar.

Our holiday was very well arranged by Marcel and Jurie from AffordableAfricaSafaris and Livingstone’s Safaris.

The lodges we stayed in were sublime, our guide and driver Justin showed us pretty much all animals available in the National Parks and besides that he gave us so much information about the animals and all in and outs about Tanzania as well.

The resort on Zanzibar was just amazing! The rooms, food, the facilities and the staff, everything was just great.

Marcel and Jurie answered our questions quickly before but also during our holiday which made our holiday just the way we wanted.

We really had a wonderful holiday, thanks.

Marcel, Lotte & Nina Schuurman

Ik ben net terug van een memorabele reis met m’n 2 dochters door de Nationale parken van Tanzania met aan sluitend nog een paar dagen Zanzibar.

De reis was helemaal tot in de puntjes verzorgd door Marcel en Jurie. De Lodges waren geweldig, onze gids en chauffeur, Justin, heeft ons alle dieren laten zien en ons voorzien van allerhande info, niet alleen over de dieren, maar ook alle ins en outs van Tanzania.

Het resort op Zanzibar was in één woord geweldig! ​De kamers, het eten, de faciliteiten en het personeel, alles was top!

Het contact voor en tijdens de reis was fijn, snelle reactie op alle vragen en de hele reis klopte van begin tot eind! Echt een heerlijke reis gehad, thanks!

Marcel, Lotte en Nina Schuurman

South Africa, May 2018

Hello Marcel,
we had a great holiday with the family in South Africa. Amani Lodge was just beautiful. We enjoyed a lot.

Also our contact with Cara was great.

I will send you some photos so you can see what we have seen.

Take care and thanks for everything!

​Jaap Spies

South Africa, May 2018

Such a fantastic experience we had at Pilanesberg National Park.

The lodge staff took very good care of us, beautiful rooms, friendly people and an amazing scenery. We came across so many animals!

Thank you for your advice to visit Pilanesberg National Park with the good deal you made for us! We really enjoyed our stay.

Take care, Jenny Hoekstra

​Wat een fantastische ervaring was Pilanesberg!!!
Zo ontzettend goed verzorgd, prachtige kamers, vriendelijke mensen en wat een mooie omgeving!
Veel dieren gezien!

Bedankt Marcel Kuijper voor je advies om voor Pilanesberg te gaan en dan ook nog met een mooie aanbieding! Echt genoten!

Dank je wel, Jenny Hoekstra\

South Africa, April 2018

Hi Marcel,

We had a great holiday. Super great, thanks to you and Cara.

I am very glad that you convinced me to go to South Africa. Very well organized.

The road had lots of potholes but that is Africa, isn’t it. We photographed with our phones and tablets which is fine but not the best option but our Canon photo camera gave an error all the time which was a pity but the way it was.

We have seen so many things…. Wild dogs eating impala, Ellie’s, Buffalo, Lion ect ect Unfortunately no Rhinos but there is always a next time.

Thank you once more to guide us trough South Africa.

​Well done, Carla Lansink.

South Africa, April 2018

Hello Marcel (AffordableAfricaSafaris),

Our holiday was fantastic! Both parts, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We enjoyed our stay at Rosedene B&B. The neighborhood is perfect and the accommodation suits very nice for families.

Also Kloofstreet is a very nice place to go to. Since we are tall people we had some difficulties with the “small” beds but that was the only thing.

In Stellenbosch we stayed in Zarosa Guesthouse. We found this accommodation ourselves. It’s a brand new accommodation situated on a beautiful spot. The hosts were very hospitable.

Sun City was good just for 1 night. We are spoiled because we visited Las Vegas earlier so if you compare both places Sun City is very small although we liked it to see it.

The Safari part was the highlight. We stayed at Motswiri Lodge, Madikwe. A very child friendly lodge.

​The first day gave us the big 5 so that’s an amazing start of the Safari. Every game drive was an adventure for us and we enjoyed every single second of it. Motswiri Lodge has a high quality service!

In short, a very successful holiday and we thank you for your contribution Marcel!

Best regards, Ronald Suijkerbuijk

South Africa, March-April 2018

Hai Marcel,

Just unpacked the suitcases, placed the wine where it belongs and our souvenir Rhino has a beautiful spot in our garden.

It was a great holiday!  Everything went smoothly without any dangerous situations, on the contrary. Only friendly people in the shops and in the streets.

The food at Blyde River Wilderness Lodge was very tasteful and the room very comfortable.
Baobab Ridge Lodge was just great!!! Fantastic hosts, very nice food and a very comfy bed on a perfect location (Klaserie Reserve) and last but not least: Jason is top! (Jason was our ranger).

We can recommend Tanamera and Shamrock Arms. We just didn’t want to sleep because we enjoyed the scenery so much.

Via colleagues we found AffordableAfricaSafaris who mentioned that you had a load of experience in Africa and they said that you can be trusted. We appreciated your passion, accessibility and knowledge on forehand and during our holiday.

Thank you very much once again and absolutely until the next time!

​Greetings from a very satisfied Hams-Eric and Marieke.

Tanzania, February-March 2018

Hoi Marcel, lieve mensen van Affordable Africa Safaris, Livingstone’s Africa en Kaanaeli Kanuya,

Het volgende bericht heeft mijn man op Tripadvisor gezet. Omdat ik vind dat jullie het verdienen dat een positieve review een groot bereik krijgt plaats ik het ook op Facebook. Nogmaals bedankt voor alle goede zorgen en een onvergetelijke ervaring! Liefs van Ringo, Monique, June en Lily Massa.

My wife and I had been on quite a few safari’s in South Africa and wanted to share this experience with our daughters (9 and 12) for the first time. We chose to go to Tanzania and arranged this through Dutch company Affordable Africa Safaris who brought us in contact with Livingstone’s Africa.

They provided us with an incredible experience, in large part because of our guide Kaanaeli. He has excellent knowledge of biology and geology in the area and also how this relates to other parts of Africa.

Also in many other ways we had an amazing time on our six days with Kaanaeli. Both in his actions and words he showed great love for the nature and people of Tanzania. He has very good safety awareness and is a pleasant person to be travelling with. His ability to find, spot and even predict the actions of wildlife is incredible and allowed us to see many amazing things. Even after our trip was finished he helped us out.

We could not get on our late evening flight back home (not through any fault of the company) and he immediately came to the airport and picked us up. He called several hotels and arranged the best possible deal for us, pointing out options for the extra day we had.

The itinerary the company created was very good. There was sufficient time for relaxing and extra activities while still being able to visit Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro in 5 full days. The lodges and tented camp were well chosen, both for location and quality.

The vehicle we travelled in was well equiped with many power sockets, a fridge and seven passenger seats (for just four of us!). It had a raisable roof for excellent views and was in good technical state.

Nevertheless the rough Tanzanian wilderness roads at one point took their toll. One of the main springs broke. But this did not pose any problem for Kaanaeli as he quickly made a provisional fix with Maasai help. Later he did a full repair. We did not loose a second of safari!

Many thanks to Kaanaeli and others of Livingstone’s Africa and the people we met for providing us with an experience that was memorable in many ways.

The Pasman family

Namibia, February-March 2018

Hi Marcel,

Our holiday was fantastic. Too short (10 days) but we knew that in advance and we had a delay arriving in Windhoek. Sometimes it was just an overnight like in Solitaire and Twyfelfontyn.

Due to the flight delay we had to drive 2 hours in the darkness but we made it in time to reach our destination Sesriem for the night.

The 4×4 vehicle was amazing en we never had a problem with the vehicle.

Many impressions and so worth it, Namibia.

Greetings Carin Snijders

South Africa, January 2018

I must start by seeing that we had a wonderful time in South Africa. Accommodations like Parfuri, Sefepane and also Summerfields were just beautiful.

Parfuri: Beautiful lodge, amazing situated and a very good service. Friendly staff. The pity part is that we didn’t see many wild animals during our safaris. We have done 4 game drives but just a few animals.

We drove trough the Kruger Park to Phalaborwa and during this drive we saw lots of animals (lucky us).

Sefapane: Just awesome with very sweet personal. My friend had some stomach issues one day and the staff did their utmost to help him to let him feel better.

Summerfields: Let me start by seeing that this place is probably to most beautiful place I ever stayed. Everything was perfectly arranged. Sublime food and rooms and the situation was like a fairly tale.

President Hotel: A bit crowded and big but everything was well arranged in this hotel. We had a great time staying here. Good food and service. A great accommodation with good facilities.

It was just an amazing experience for all of us. Everything you arranged was appreciated by us. We would like to thank you for that. My family was very pleased about this holiday.

We have seen many beautiful sightings and we do have a warm feeling inside when we think of this trip. We will remember this for a long time.

Esser family.

Laat ik om te beginnen zeggen dat we het geweldig gehad hebben. We waren zeer te spreken over Parfuri en Sefepane. Ook Summerfields was heel erg mooi.

Parfuri: prachtige lodge, mooi gelegen en zeer goede verzorging. Vriendelijke mensen. Wat ik hier wel een beetje jammer vond is dat er in dat deel van het park waar hun de safari’s doen heel weinig wild is.

We hebben 4 safari’s gedaan en ik moet zeggen ik heb nog nooit zo weinig wild gezien als hier.
We zijn zelf dwars door Kruger gaan rijden naar Phalaborwa en toen hebben we wel heel veel gezien (gelukkig maar) maar zeker door de mooie rit door het park hebben we wel een heel mooi safari avontuur in Kruger gehad.

Sefapane: vonden we prachtig en wat een lieve mensen hier. Mijn vriend had die dag last van zijn maag maar het personeel deed echt alles eraan om ons van dienst te zijn.

Summerfields: Laat ik beginnen met dat dit hotel wel een van de mooiste zo niet de mooiste was waar ik ooit geweest ben. Alles was tot in de perfectie geregeld. Het eten was uitmuntend de kamers subliem en de ligging een sprookje.

President hotel was heel groot en heel druk maar ze hebben de zaken hier goed voor elkaar en ook hier hebben we een heel fijne tijd gehad. Goed eten, prima service en goede accommodatie en faciliteiten.

Marcel het was een prachtige ervaring voor ons allemaal. Ook wat jullie verder geregeld hadden was erg goed. Hartelijk dank daarvoor. Mijn familie was erg te spreken over de gehele reis en we hebben ontzettend veel gezien, gedaan en beleefd. Een mooie herinnering waar we allen nog vaak aan terug zullen denken.

Esser family

Uganda, October 2017

Uganda holiday guests came back from amazing Uganda and provided me these beautiful photos.

They were called the “lucky team” by there private ranger because they saw nearly everything you could wish for.

At AffordableAfricaSafaris we are also grateful with the feedback we received from them because this is the only way how we can improve our service to our guests.

Thank you so much Marijke & Arjen (lucky team) for your feedback and the photos.
Last year via us to Tanzania and this year Uganda…

What’s next for you?

Marijke & Arjen (the lucky team)

South Africa, October 2017

Hello Marcel,
We are home but we still have the thoughts of a fantastic week in Johannesburg and the Kruger Park (Klaserie).

For this amazing week we would like to thank you because you organized it perfectly for us. We enjoyed it from the start to the end.

The first time Johannesburg for me together with my family, fantastic accommodation, the cycling tour in Soweto, Blyde River Canyon Lodge were we were welcomed by giraffes, zebras and of course the ostriches it was all just great.

The Panorama Route with beautiful weather, great food en amazing hosts everywhere. The highlight was our stay at Baobab Ridge Lodge.

The lodge is just great and everyone was so enthusiastic. Upon arrival we were immediately directed to the water hole because 13 elephants were there, waiting for us, to drink.
We nearly saw the big 5 during our stay at Baobab Ridge Lodge. This is absolutely a very good reason the come back again.

Food was good and our ranger David knew all about wild life. Just an amazing week. Once again we would like to thank you for helping us to put this week together for us.

Best regards, family Kruithof

Hi Marcel,
Nog nagenietend van een fantastische week in Johannesburg en Krugerpark (Klaserie), willen wij je bedanken voor de perfecte organisatie.

Het was Top van begin tot eind.

Met het gezin voor het eerst naar Johannesburg, fantastische accommodatie, de fietstoer door Soweto, Blyde River Lodge waar we bij aankomst én vertrek begroet werden door giraffen, zebra’s en natuurlijk de struisvogels.

De Panorama route met prachtig weer, heerlijk eten en zeer vriendelijke hosts overal. Als klapper het verblijf in Baobab Ridge. De lodge was fantastisch, iedereen zó enthousiast.

Na aankomst werden we onhaalt omdat er 13 olifanten bij de waterplaats voor de lodge stonden.
Bijna de big 5 gespot. Een goede reden om nog eens terug te komen 😉

Het eten was voortreffelijk en onze ranger David zeer kundig. Kortom, een onvergetelijke week.

​Enorm bedankt! Hartelijke groet, Fam. Kruithof

South Africa, September 2017

Hello Marcel,
Thank you for the welcome home message, we had a fantastic holiday !

All lodges were just beautiful but our favorites were Stonecutters, Blyde River and the most amazing lodge Baobab Ridge. Everything is amazing there, the food is great and the staff is so friendly.

Brett was our driver, very skilled and enthusiastic to everyone.

We have seen so many animals and, except for only 1 drive, we saw leopard every single drive !!
Besides that we came across a Rhino with calf, buffalo, elephants, warthogs, crocs, impala, hyenas and a black mamba and many more animals.

The last drive Brett and David did their utmost to find lions but the lions were well hidden and we could not find them but this means we have to come back for our lion Safari.

During our stay in Cape Town we climbed Table Mountain and we visited Robben Island.

In Hermanus we saw Whales up close and personal and we joined a whale tour including a shark cage dive.

All together we had a blast of a holiday with the family.

We would like to thank you for your advice and organization and we hope to come back for another safari in the future.

Best regards,  Kos family

Hoi Marcel,
Bedankt voor je welkom thuis berichtje, we hebben een fantastische vakantie gehad!

Alle lodges waren mooi met voor ons als favorieten stonecutters, blyde river en de topper was echt Baobab Ridge. Alles is daar mooi, het eten is zeer goed en de mensen zijn erg vriendelijk.

Brett was onze driver, heel enhousiast en hij deed erg zijn best voor iedereen.

We hebben heel veel dieren gezien, op 1 drive na elke keer een luipaard !!

Daarnaast rino’s (met baby), buffels, olifanten, warthogs, krokodil, impala’s, hyena’s black mamba, etc.

De laatste drive hebben Brett en David erg hun best gedaan om leeuwen te vinden maar die lieten zich niet zien. We moeten dus nog een keer op safari…

Bij Kaapstad zijn we natuurlijk de tafelberg op geweest en Robben island. In Hermanus walvissen voor de deur en hebben we nog een walvistour gedaan incl. sharkcage diving.

Alles bij elkaar een zeer geslaagde vakantie.

Hartelijk dank voor alle adviezen en we hopen zeker nog eens op safari te kunnen gaan.

Groeten, familie Kos

South Africa, August 2017

Dear Marcel,
Our trip to South Africa was amazing! The first day we relaxed a bit around Johannesburg and on day 2 we travelled direction Krugerpark. The first lodge (Blyde River Canyon Lodge) was just beautiful.Beautiful rooms, awesome food (requested a braai) and many things to do in the area.

We visited a rehab animal centre.

The best part of the journey (by far) were the 3 days we had at Bateleur lodge (Timbavati Reserve). Luxury and spacious accommodations (tents). We enjoyed the fantastic food and drinks at this lodge as well.

Now we are back home we need to think of what we eat again to loose some …?

During our stay at Bateleur we saw the big 5 which we loved. Such a special journey we had!

We really would like to thank you for your help.

Berlijn party

Beste Marcel,

Onze reis naar Zuid Afrika was fantastisch! De eerste dag een beetje bijgekomen in Johannesburg en dag 2 richting het Krugerpark. De eerste lodge was prachtig. Prachtige kamers, heerlijk gegeten (braai op ons verzoek) en veel te doen in de buurt. Wij hebben een bezoekje gebracht aan een animal rehab center.

Maar het leukste gedeelte vonden we allemaal de 3 dagen bij Bateleur. Super mooie en luxe tenten. Het eten en drinken was hier ook weer zo goed geregeld. Denk wel dat we allemaal even een balansweekje moeten houden! ? En niet geheel onbelangrijk, alle 5 van de big 5 gezien! Wat een bijzondere reis!

​Nogmaals heel hartelijk dank!

Berlijn party

South Africa, May 2017

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for your welcome home message to us! The whole vacation worked out perfectly, including car rental, flights, everything!

We saw lots of wild animals in Addo Elephant Park and Welgevonden.

Wild Ivory Lodge was great, suburb food and an nice intimate lodge.

All in all a great holiday thanks to you! Once again we would like to thank you for that.
I already recommended you to several friends of mine…

We definitely will contact you as soon as we go back to Africa again and that might be sooner than you think ?

Han & Ursula

South Africa, April-May 2017

Hello Marcel,
Did we had a great holiday? Absolutely!!!

The Safari Lodge was amazing although they need a new sign at the road to make it easier to find (the owner knows and works on it).

At Blyde River we a wonderful stay in a beautiful room.

Umlani Lodge was top.

We came across the big 5 several time including a leopard with kill in a tree and very special for us was to see mating lions!!

Very friendly personnel, fabulous food and skilled rangers.

StoneCutters was a big surprise for us to finish this awesome holiday. A huge house with great food (breakfast & dinner).

This whole trip was well arranged by Cara and you. We would like to thank you both for making this happening for us. I will definitely advertise for you !!
Greetings Monique

Hi Marcel,
Wat hebben we een mooie reis gehad: fantastisch!

Safari lodge prima :alleen is een nieuw sign aan de weg noodzakelijk omdat de locatie niet te vinden is in het donker en het vorige sign in een brand gesneuveld is. De eigenaar is op de hoogte van deze noodzaak!

Blyde river geweldig mooie kamer

Umlani top : big 5 paar keer gezien, leopard met prooi in boom, parende leeuwen zo bijzonder

Vriendelijke staff, heerlijke maaltijden, kundige rangers.

Stonecutters een verrassende afsluiting waanzinnig huis waar we in verbleven superdeluxe, fantastisch diner ontbijt.

Alles was super geregeld door Cara en door jou! Heel erg bedankt, Marcel!

Ik zal een ( aanbeveling op jouw FB site schrijven,

hartelijke groet, Monique 

Kenya, April-May 2017

Good afternoon.

To start , I’m very pleased with the way the booking was made in our contact by email with the help and support of Marcel. That way we could amend an existing travel plan to one of our own. You were flexibel and swift to respond.

I must thank Marcel for making making suggestions and thinking with us to make it our safari.
It was nice to meet you (as ground handler for on arrival in Nairobi so that we could see the man in person who we dealed with via email.

Joseph (our driver) was an excellent choice ! He was driving safely , being always on time , flexibel to accomodate our wishes , an expert game driver with good connections and making good suggestions.

The booking of hotels and resorts went ok but with a bit of luck due to the low season. At Nakuru they expected us one day later than planned. Arrangements were made so we could stay there for the night.

You must have heard from Joseph that Mara River Camp is situated just outside the National Park which is of influence on the entry fee. Thank you for not billing that on our account. We on the other hand abstained from taking a our last game drive in the morning to get a little bit more sleep on that long day.

Apart from these remarks we had a holiday we will never forget with the family !!! Everything went just the way we ​wanted, even the weather! I want to thank you, Joseph an Marcel for all your troubles and hard work.


Harm van Iddekinge

South Africa, April-May 2017

Hello Marcel,

We had a fantastic holiday! We fully enjoyed our time in the bush and even came across the big 5.
Our friendly ranger/guide Ally we would like to thank. He had lots of patience.

After our safari period we flew to Zanzibar for the relaxing period of our busy holiday. Unfortunately we had some rain on Zanzibar but being on one place some days in a row was very relaxing and our kids enjoyed the time anyway!

We would like to thank and Jurie for this amazing schedule you prepared with wonderful lodges.

Kubu Kubu lodge in the Serengeti was just amazing! We really appreciated the bottle of  wine which Jurie brought us to celebrate my husbands birthday, great !

Greetings Janine

Hoi Marcel,
Het was een fantastische reis! We hebben enorm genoten van een super safari, zelfs de Big 5 gespot dankzij onze vriendelijke en geduldige gids Ally!

Daarna heerlijk uitrusten van drukke reisdagen op Zanzibar, helaas daar heel veel regen gehad, maar paar dagen op 1 plek relaxen was heel fijn en de kids vermaakten zich er gelukkig toch prima!

Veel dank voor jou en Jurie voor mooie programma en fijne accommodaties!

Vooral de Kubu Kubu lodge in Serengeti was prachtig! En Jurie had heel attent een flesje wijn voor mijn jarig echtgenoot geregeld, top!

Groeten Janine.

South Africa, March 2017

It all started with the marriage of our good friends which was really special. The surroundings and the park were we stayed were just beautiful.

Nothing could beat this ….. we thought. But the locations which Cara found for us were even more beautiful.

After a short night we visited the endangered species Centre. The employees work and talk full of passion about their project to protect these animals. After this visit the real adventure started for us.

The Panorama Route and our stay at Blyde River Canyon were impressive.

The next stop was Buffelshoek Lodge in Manyeleti Reserve. Sleeping in the wilderness in between the wild animals was existing and very special. My boyfriend and brother liked it a lot as well.

In the early morning the elephants walked trough Camp while we are having breakfast (Buffelshoek is unfenced), just amazing!

I think we saw it all from elephants to lions with little cubs and from leopard to beautiful colorful birds.

Our ranger Louis was an awesome ranger and tracker. Unfortunately we had to leave this beautiful place again because our holiday had more stops in mind.

In Hazyview you booked us another pearl. That evening we had some nice drinks at our private pool. The next morning we did some zip lining which we really enjoyed and after that we continued to Dullstroom were we spend the night.

The next day it was time to fly out to Cape Town for the second part of our journey booked by

The owner of our Franschoek was a very nice lady. We enjoyed this little famous place.
Wonderful wines and food. We visited some amazing wine houses in this area.

We visited the touristic places like Hermanus, penguins and Cape of Good Hope of course.

The atmosphere around Cape Town feels like the atmosphere we know of Ibiza and this is what we like a lot.

We visited Klein Constancia, Table Mountain and we did an helicopter flight around this mountain on a clear and beautiful day.

To top it of we did some parasailing from Signal Hill, amazing !!!

After this adrenaline boost it was time to head back home again. We felt bad that we had to leave this awesome country again.

I would like to thank you (AffordableAfricaSafaris) and Cara for your help to make this a trip we will never forget. I definitely will recommend you guys to everyone who would like to travel to Africa and the moment we decide to visit Africa again I know where to find you again.

Best regards, Marianne

South Africa, March 2017

Safari Club B&B is fine for the first night after arrival, because driving in the dark in Johannesburg is not recommended.

Next day Soweto your on schedule. Two incredible enthusiastic young guys full of humor showed us around in their neighborhood. And above that they told us a lot about the history. They were really great!

Village Green Guesthouse was a beautiful guesthouse, very hospitable (I’m here for you 24/7. Serious, every day again…) and again everyone was so incredibly friendly.

Then off to Mount Sheba. We knew this was going to be a long day of traveling, but it got a little longer because the road up the mountain became hard to pass, because of the rain, if you do not have a 4×4.  We had to be pulled out by a tractor. On top it was raining, misty and cold. I think it is a beautiful spot, but not in the rainy season.

On our way to Blyde River Canyon.
How beautiful is this area! Really beautiful day. We kept on going a bit, because we had a bit of delay in the morning and we wanted to arrive in time in Baobab ridge for the afternoon game drive.  We had great game drives saw a lot of game AND we saw a leopard 4 times!!

The lodge Baobab ridge was luxury, they spoiled us a lot. It was beautiful weather, so we spent the time between game drives enjoying the weather. Personnel was superb and the accommodation very nice.

In Tzaneen we slept in Tamboti lodge. Again nice atmosphere, good beds, nice pool and great food for diner.

Then on our way to Entabeni. A very long drive on gravel roads, but so very worth it. We saw lots of wild life. Elephants and rhinos so close we could almost touch them. And we saw an attempt of two lions trying to kill a wildebeest.

Just under our nose…. At night on our way back to our accommodation almost walked into two rhinos, walking on the same path as we were just 3 meters away. It ended well, so now it’s a nice story to tell.

Then there comes a time to go home, our youngest did not want to leave anymore. He wants to go and live in SA.

All in all, we had a great week! Except for Mount Sheba. All lodges were great, all well organized, everywhere two separate beds for my boys. we had always great food, saw many animals and also got a touch of local life and culture in SA.

Thanks for organizing, Marcel! If we need it another time, we know where to find you.

Regards from Brenda ( writing this email made me want to go back…)

South Africa, March 2017

The whole family (my parents, my husband and I) enjoyed our routing through South Africa.

The highlight was our stay at Baobab Ridge Lodge. We enjoyed our stay at Baobab Ridge very much. We had a great time and the staff working at this lodge are so sweet. My parents stayed in the house which has a direct sight of the water hole in front of the lodge. From the swimming pool we saw a herd of elephants drinking. Amazing!

Our trip started at Johannesburg airport were a staff member of Safari Club accommodation awaited us and guided us to the car rental office. Safari Club was nearby the airport and was good for the first night.

The next morning we headed to Rissington Inn. Unfortunately we only stayed here 1 night because it’s just beautiful here.

In our mind we knew more amazing places would follow during the rest of our holiday.

Our next stop was Baobab Ridge Lodge. Affordable luxury at this amazing lodge. We saw many animals including the big 5 during our game drives. Just awesome!

Our next destination was Blyde River Canyon Lodge. A beautiful place along the river but I think the road to the lodge was a bit far from the main road. The personal was not very friendly.
(I will contact the lodge about this, AffordableAfricaSafaris reaction). We liked it to sleep in a round house.

Our last night we stayed at Old Joe’s. This is just an incredible place. Just next to the road we didn’t expect such an amazing garden. The food made us very happy. I will visit this place again, for sure.

Thank you Marcel of for all your help.

I hope you will be able to help many more clients in the future.

Best regards, Monique Zegers

Tanzania, February 2017

We were a group of 4- 2 senior citizens, 1 child, and 1 adult- traveling with and it was a perfect experience for all travelers.

Marcel and Jurie were so helpful to give guidance and suggestions on planning the right itinerary and the preparation was easy and very positive.

In Tanzania we had the most wonderful guide in Kaanaeli. He immediately made us feel very comfortable and told us the most amazing stories about his life, how life is in the Arusha area, and gave us such a great understanding of the people and culture. This was very important for us and he made us feel like we were not just outsiders looking in but that we were getting a deeper understanding of what we were seeing.

The safari was perfect- the route, the facilities (wonderful hotels!), and the game drives were amazing.

We saw so many different animals but also got to spend time just observing and taking in everything we saw. Kaanaeli’s passion and interest in the country made the trip fantastic.

I can only highly recommend traveling with if you are looking to custom-design a trip that exactly fits your needs and potentially takes you off the normal tourist path.

We would definitely do another trip with again!

​Beth Wolff (from Denmark)

South Africa, February 2017

In February 2017 we visited South Africa with our 6 & 9 year old children.

The whole vacation was very well organized by

Oooooh it’s all very great!!!

Blyde River was super, Simbavati is just amazing.

Thank you for the nice wine, by the way? It was a fantastic holiday. We enjoyed every minute of it. We had the time of our lives. This was our best holiday ever.

Laura vd Tas

Tanzania, January 2017

A fantastic “once in a life time” experience in Tanzania; 6 days safari (Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park) and 4 days Zanzibar (Nungwi & Paje).

We experienced a very good guidance; before ( and during our holiday with our awesome ranger Paul “Hawkeye”.

Everything was perfectly prepared for us, from the start to the end, without any hidden costs and without strange changes in the routing. You get what you paid for ! In cooperation with our ranger we could make changes if we wanted without any problems.

We would like to thank Marcel of AffordableAfricaSafaris for guiding us in the preparations before our trip and during our safari; we also would like to thank Jurie And Paul for their efforts to make this trip an unforgettable one for my family and me.

Greetings Michel Althoff

Een fantastische once-in-a-lifetime happening in Tanzania; 6 dagen safari ( Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro krater, Tarangire park ) en 4 dagen Zanzibar ( Nungwi & Paje).

Geweldig goede begeleiding gehad; zowel in het voorbereidingstraject , als wel onderweg met geweldige gids Paul “ Hawkeye”. Alles , van begin tot eind, tot in de details goed geregeld, geen verborgen kosten of nare wijzigingen. You get what you paid for! Heel erg veel in overleg aan te passen.

Dank Marcel van AffordableAfricaSafaris voor de voorbereiding en begeleiding zowel voor als tijdens de safari; thanks Jurie and Paul for their efforts to make this trip an unforgettable one for me and my family

Gr. Michel Althoff

South Africa, December 2016

Hello Marcel,
First of all we wish you all the best for coming year! We are back home again, we had a fantastic journey.

We enjoyed the first overnight stay at Safari Lodge from owner Cara, great place, very kind staff. A great first place for an overnight on a good location.

Tshwene lodge in Welgevonden, fantastic and beautiful place, lovely staff and great food and most of all peaceful. We loved the exciting game drives.

In other words, we had a awesome time there and most important for us, our daughter felt in love with safaris.

Cape Town was amazing as well. We only had 4 days which we used to the maximum, we saw and did a lot down there.

We would like to thank you for your help and definitely will contact you again in the future when we travel to Africa again and most important of course, we spread the word about

Best regards, Diane Jacobs

Hi Marcel,

Allereerst de allerbeste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar! Wij zijn weer thuis, we hebben een fantastische reis gehad.

Allereerst de Safari lodge van Cara, prima bevallen, erg aardige mensen . een prima
lodge ook qua locatie.

Verder onze Tshwene lodge in Welgevonden, fantastisch mooie plek, lieve mensen, heerlijk eten en
vooral de rust en de spannende gamedrives natuurlijk. Al met al, we hebben genoten en voor ons heel belangrijk onze dochters zijn helemaal “om” qua safari.

Kaapstad was ook super, hadden helaas maar 4 dagen maar veel gedaan ( en gegeten).
Wil je enorm bedanken voor al je hulp, we gaan je zeker inschakelen bij een volgende safari en natuurlijk aanbevelen…. !!

Groet Diane Jacobs

Kenya, November 2016

Nairobi, Kenya

About a month ago we decided last minute (5 days before departure date) to contact Marcel at to help us to arrange a fantastic safari trip.

We went 2 days to Lake Nakuru, 1 day to Lake Naivasha and 3 days to great Masai Mara.

On arrival at Kenyatta Airport at Nairobi our private ranger Joseph was already waiting for us.
Joseph proved to be a great ranger with lots of knowledge of nature. In no time he showed us the big 5 and much more. The planning could be changed any way we liked it: a picnic in a reserve or a boat cruise. Anything was possible.

We stayed in a diversity of lodges in several price classes in the reserves. Mother Nature is just beautiful in Kenya so I will advice everyone to visit Kenya. Via everything can be arranged quickly and good. We definitely can recommend Marcel’s company to travel with.

We are already looking for our next Africa destination.

Nairobi – Kenia

Een dikke maand geleden hebben we last minute (5 dagen van tevoren) via Marcel Kuijper ( een fantastische safari geregeld.

Twee dagen naar het Lake Nakuru reservaat, een dag Lake Naivasha en vervolgens 3 dagen naar de Masai Mara.

Bij aankomst op de airport stond ons vervoer en gids, Joseph, al op ons te wachten. Joseph was een uitstekende gids met veel kennis van de lokale natuur. Hierdoor hadden we in no time de Big Five te pakken. Het programma kon naar onze wens aangepast worden: picknicken in het reservaat, bootje varen, geen moeite teveel! We logeerden in lodges in het reservaat, welke in verschillende prijsklassen beschikbaar zijn.

De natuur in Kenia is van een overweldigende schoonheid en ik kan dan iedereen ook van harte aanraden om die kant op te gaan.

Via is alles snel te regelen en ik kan Marcel dan ook zeker aanbevelen.
Wij zijn in ieder geval al aan het kijken voor een volgend tripje richting Afrika.

Groeten Bob Tulleker

South Africa, October 2016

We had a wonderful time at Kwafubesi. This lodge is a small intimate lodge and not as big as most other lodges in the area like Mabula Lodge.

We enjoyed the peacefulness around the lodge.

Staying in the tents (accommodations) is an experience. The tents breath the same atmosphere as the entire lodge which is great, relaxed.

Amazing food and very friendly staff in the lodge. Safaris were just great altough sometimes we drove for miles without seeing an animal.

We would like to thank you for your help so last minute. I will advertise for you!

Greetings Anke van Alphen

We hebben het heerlijk gehad.

Kwafubesi was heel knus en dus vooral niet zo massaal als bij mabula lodge. We hebben genoten van de rust. De tent vond ik een hele belevenis. Ook de inrichting vd tent en de heel sfeer vd accommodatie. Heerlijk eten en vriendelijke mensen.

Safari’s waren ook goed! Veel gezien ondanks dat we ook vaak lange stukken reden en niks zagen.

Nogmaals dank voor alles wat je geregeld hebt.

Ik ga zeker reclame voor jullie maken!

Groeten Anke van Alphen

South Africa, October 2016

We travelled via (AAS) in cooperation with AAS our travel schedule was put together the way we liked it so the only thing we needed to do is enjoy our time in South Africa.

During this trip we came across whales, lions, elephants and many more animals.

We loved the South African landscape and we enjoyed the great food we had. We stayed in wonderful accommodations during this amazing vacation.

I defenitely will recommend to everyone.
​Greetings Jorrit Visser

In samenspraak met hebben we een geweldig reisschema opgesteld voor Zuid Afrika.

Alles is tijdens de reis uitgekomen. We hebben walvisen, leeuwen, olifanten en ga zo maar door gezien.

Tevens enorm genoten van de prachtige natuur en het lekkere eten.

Tijdens onze reis hebben we in heerlijke accomodaties overnacht.

Ik zal het boeken via AfforableAfricaSafaris bij iedereen aanbevelen.

Groet, Jorrit Visser

Tanzania, 2016

We were picked up at the airport of Kilimanjaro by Claude, who would be our guide and driver for the week to come.

After a comfortable night at a local hotel, it was an early rise and shine for our trip to the Serengeti, where we stayed at Kiota Tented Safari Lodge, which I would definitely recommend. The tents were extremely comfortable, the staff very hospitable and the food simply good, as were the wines and the gin-tonics.

Sometimes we were awakened by the sound of a male lion, which only added to the experience (toilet and shower where incorporated in the tent, so no worries on that front).

We enjoyed a nice couple of days of safaris in the Serengeti with Claude, who had true eagle-vision (next to being a very safe driver), so we literally saw all the species of wildlife of the Serengeti!

Next Claude drove us to Tarangire, were we stayed at, indeed, the Tarangire safari lodge, were one can have (as we did) gin-tonics watching the sun set over the Tarangire valley.
After to more splendid days of safari, Claude dropped us of at the airport of Arusha, our safari had unfortunately come to an end!

​Michiel Speur

Golf Safari, August 2016

Hello Marcel,

We are back home but we wish we were still in South Africa playing golf and watch the wildlife.
We (my son and I) had an amazing time playing golf on the Sun City playground and we saw lots of wildlife during the organized safari.

During our golf round we shared the greens with lots of mangoose who apparently like to be on the greens as well.

Thank you for your last minute help together with Alastair. He did an amazing job to get it all sorted on such a short notice, well done.

Best regards, Nicolette

South Africa, July 2016

Ha Marcel,
Pilanesberg was just beautiful, a very nice area, we didn’t see to many big 5 animals.

A pitty was that we only saw 1 lion in the distance but we came across a cheetah with 3 cubs which is a big treat. Beside that we saw giraffe, elephant at a water hole and of course kudu, zebra, wildebeest and impala.

Black Rhino Lodge is a very nice lodge, beautiful rooms with an inside and outside shower possibility. It felt very intimate because it’s not so crowded.

After these 2 nights we decided to drive to Madikwe because we hoped for more lions.
We came across mating lions in Madikwe.

We also liked the Soweto cycling tour in combination with the Apartheid Museum arranged by you.
I would like to thank you ( for your help and advise and I would definitely recommend you to my friends.


Namibia, May-June 2016

Hello Marcel,

Via you ( we booked our 18 days round trip trough Namibia. With our 4×4 vehicle with 2 roof tents we started our fantastic journey in Johannesburg (South Africa).

Via the southern border post we entered Namibia.

Our first idea was to travel all from the southern part of Namibia to northern part and via the Kaprivi strip to the Victoria Falls and down Botswana back to Johannesburg again.
AffordableAfricaSafaris convinced us that the time available was too short to do all this and enjoy the trip.

With our 4×4 with 2 roof tents we enjoyed Namibia to the max. Freedom and an amazing scenery.
The Fish River Canyon was just breath taking but also places like Nakluft, Swakopmund, Damaraland and Etosha were very worth our visit.

We had a very good time with the family.

We ended our Namibia trip in Windhoek and flew to Johannesburg and from there back home.
The trip was very well organised and we would like to thank you for that.

Best regards.

South Africa, April-May 2016

Irene Bethan family (11 days self drive South Africa)

What a great trip we had to South Africa! Everything was arranged perfectly for us by (AAS).There was someone waiting for us at the airport to take us to our accommodation for our first night.

The next day we made an impressive bicycle tour through the township of Soweto and visited the Apartheids museum.

On day 3 we collected our rental car: the beginning of our adventure through South Africa.

We drove the beautiful Panorama route and visited Blyde River Canyon. But the most beautiful thing was our stay in Klaserie Private Game Reserve, where we stayed in Baobab Ridge Private Lodge. Food was perfect, the people super friendly and the game drives great. Our ranger David did everything to give us un unforgettable time.

The owner of the lodge even found time in between to take our kids along to find foot prints of animals and make plaster casts of it.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, so was our holiday.

If we will ever visit Africa again, we will surely have it organized by Marcel (

Baie dankie Marcel!

11 daagse self drive Zuid Afrika

Wat hebben we een geweldige reis naar Zuid-Afrika gehad. Alles was zeer goed geregeld door (AAS).

​Iemand stond ons op te wachten op de luchthaven van Johannesburg om ons naar de accommodatie voor de eerste nacht te brengen. De volgende dag hebben we een indrukwekkende fietstour door Soweto gemaakt en een bezoek aan het Vrijheidsmuseum gebracht.

Dag drie de huurauto opgehaald en ons avontuur kon beginnen. De schitterende Panoramaroute gereden en Blyde River Canyon bezocht. Maar het mooiste was toch wel ons verblijf in het Klaserie Private Game Reserve waar we verbleven in Baobab Ridge Private Lodge.

Het eten was er perfect, de mensen waren er superlief en de gamedrives geweldig waarbij door ranger David alles uit de kast werd gehaald om ons een onvergetelijke tijd te bezorgen.

De eigenaar van de lodge ging zelfs tussendoor nog een keer met de kinderen op pad om voetsporen van de dieren te zoeken en er gipsafdrukken van te maken.

Helaas komt aan alle goede dingen een eind dus ook aan deze vakantie.

Mochten we ooit nog een keer op vakantie naar Afrika gaan dan laten we die zeker weer door Marcel ( regelen.

Baie Dankie Marcel!

South Africa, April-May 2016

Madikwe National Park
Hello Marcel,

We really had a great time this holiday with the entire family.

When we arrived at OR Tambo there was someone waiting for us to transport us to our accommodation. We used only 1 room because it was spacious enough for all of us.

We had to return to the car rental the next day, shortly after we left because the rental car gave some warning signs. The cars were swapped and we could go on our way to Madikwe National Reserve.

The lodge (Buffalo Ridge) looked nice. We stayed in a kind of a Tree House with lots of privacy and a magnificent view outside.

The food was delicious and every evening the chef came out of the kitchen to explain the menu for that night. If we liked some small changes in the menu the chef made it happen without any problem. At night during dinner quite some moths joined us so we had to be cautious when eating, but this wasn’t a big problem for us.

The first morning drive was amazing.

We came across a baby elephant which was trapped in the mud. Some rangers helped him to regain his freedom again, but now he started following the game vehicles all the time. This was a sad thing to see.

Eventually we have seen the entire big 5 (the leopard even several times) and lots of other animals. Just great!

We swapped rangers since the one we had the first 2 days showed some fatigue signs,  like being rude to other customers in the car. The last days we had Godfrie as our ranger and this was the perfect man for the job. Lots of patience and very friendly.

The receptionist Priscilla was wonderful for us as well. Nothing was to much for her, very helpful.

We are also very happy with the way you (, AAS) stayed in touch with us and we like to thank you for the way you helped us prepare this trip. Well done.

I definitely will recommend you to our friends.

Thanks so much and hopefully until a next Africa visit.

Best regards,

Monique ten Cate.

Kenya, April 2016

11 Days family Safari Kenya

After looking around to organize a trip to Africa with my 2 daughters and husband, I contacted Marcel from to ask him for advice. Right away I felt like he understood me, so Marcel together with his partner in Kenya made the perfect package and for the right price.

We went on a 11 day journey with 5 days safari in Masai mara, Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru to then go to Mombasa to relax for 4 days.

What we got was an amazing trip we stayed at the most beautiful and comfortable Lodges, we were given a very professional guide who spotted the ‘Big 5’ for us and more.

All the persons we met were so friendly we felt very at ease and we were treated like royalty.

The combination with Mombasa was the perfect way to upload our batteries before going home.
We had the best holiday of our life, we will never forget the beauty of Kenya, the amazing nature and the honest friendliness of the people

Thank you (AAS) for making our dream come true.

Vanessa de Waele

South Africa, March 2016

17 days trip South Africa
Beste Marcel,

Wij wilden langs deze weg laten weten hoe wij de 16 daagse reis met (AAS) ervaren hebben.

Na de voorbereiding door Affordable Africa Safari’s zijn wij op 15 februari naar Kaapstad vertrokken. Hier zijn we keurig opgevangen en naar ons guesthouse Rosedene gebracht voor ons vierdaags verblijf. Centraal geleggen bij Kloofstraat met zijn vele restaurants een prima uitvalbasis in Kaapstad en Stellenbosch.

Dan door na La Fontaine in Franshoek waar de lieve gastvrouwen het ons naar de zin maakten. Heerlijke stop met o.a bezoek aan het Hugenoten museum.

Volgende stop is Oudtshoorn voor het verrassende Earthbound B&B.
Een geweldige stop, veel persoonlijk aandacht van de gastvrouw en veel leuke uitstapjes. Een bezoek aan de Cango Caves is een must en ‘s avonds de leuke en fijne restaurants. Voor ons een echte topper.

Dan naar Knysna’s Hamilton Manor. Door het ontbreken van het laatste bord ook voor de GPS nog lastig te vinden. Dit guesthouse heeft een prachtig uitzicht over de lagune, een heerlijk ontbijt vanaf het hoog gelegen balkon. Kamers zijn ruim maar minimaal ingericht. Toch leuke stop met prachtige wandeling.

Garden Route

De dag erop over de geweldige Gardenroute naar Port Elisabeth voor de vlucht naar Joburg. Alles soepel verlopen.

In Joburg opgepikt en naar ons verblijf bij het vliegveld gebracht, de Safariclub. De Safariclub is ons inziens wel op z’n retour maar goed genoeg voor een overnachting nabij het vliegveld. Dit omdat we de volgende dag hier onze huurauto moesten halen.

Door richting Dullstroom voor de volgende verrassing bij Stonecutters Lodge. Een mooie  plek voor heerlijke stop. Had net als Earthbound dat beetje meer.

‘s Morgensvroeg vertrokken via de Panoramaroute met z’n vele bezienswaardigheden richting Blyde River Wilderness Lodge nabij Hoedtspruit.

We hadden de opgegeven coördinaten ingevoerd in onze GPS. Maar dit ging helemaal mis. We belandden tien kilometer voorbij de afslag op een eveneens tien kilometer onverharde weg bij een mangoteler. Een ingezeept bloot mannetje riep dat we helemaal verkeerd waren. Maar het begon inmiddels donker te worden en we hadden geen idee waar we heen moesten. Na diverse telefoontjes met de Lodge kwamen we daar rond acht uur aan.

De beheerder vertelde dat de coördinaten inmiddels aangepast waren omdat er wel meer mensen verdwaalden.

Omdat we de volgende dag niet zover moesten zijn we wat langer in deze Lodge gebleven.
Bij het wegrijden uit de lodge kwamen we na 500 meter tot stilstand voor een kudde zebra’s en vier giraffen. Heel speciaal om zo deze dieren te bekijken van dichtbij.

Door naar weer zo’n toplocatie Baobab Ridge voor de laatste vier dagen.

Hier hebben we de Big Five gezien. David onze ranger heeft een band met de wilderness. Hij zag echt alles wat wij niet zagen. We hebben al diverse gamedrives eerder gedaan maar dit was echt anders. Heel speciaal en nog nooit eerder de dieren van zo dichtbij benaderd.

En dan terug naar Joburg voor een maal en een douche bij de Safariclub en dan met de late vlucht weer naar Amsterdam.

Kortom een geweldige reis, met vooral vriendelijke mensen onderweg, zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.

Een kort filmpje is te zien via deze link

Groetjes Christine en Bert

English version

Hi Marcel,

with this email we would like to let you know how we experienced our 16 days holiday organised by

On the 15th of February we departed to Cape Town after all preparaties done by (AAS).

At the airport we had a meet & greet and after that we were transferred to our B&B Rosedene were we stayed for 4 nights. This B&B is with its central position near Kloofstreet a great place to visit Cape Town and Stellenbosch and of course many restaurants.

After those 4 nights we continued our holiday to Fransschoek were we stayed in La Fontaine B&B with her very friendly hostess. A fantastic place were we visited the Hugenoten museum.

Oudthoorn was our next stop were we stayed in a great B&B Earthbound. A great place with a personal touch by the owner of Earthbound. The Cango Caves is a “must visit”. Oudthoorn has very nice and good restaurants. For us this was one pf the highlights of this holiday.

We proceeded to Knysna were we stayed in Hamilton Manor B&B. Due to the fact that the last sign to this B&B was missing and the GPS coordinates were not right we had some difficulties to find the Hamilton Manor. The B&B is beautiful situated along a lagoon. We had a great breakfast served on the one of the higher balconies. The rooms are basic but space full.

Garden Route

The day after we drove the beautiful Garden Route towards Port Elizabeth for our flight to Johannesburg. Everything went smoothly. At the airport we had a meet & greet by someone of our B&B Safariclub. This B&B need a refurbishment but it is good enough to stay one night near the airport.

After this night we collected our rent a car at the airport and we drove to Dullstroom. At Dullstroom we stayed at Stonecutters Guesthouse. A beautiful place were we had a great stay. In the early morning we departed.

Panorama Route

Via the Panorama Route with her amazing sightings we drove to Blyde River Wilderness Lodge near Hoedtspruit. The coordinates of this place were wrong so it toke us a lot of time to find this Lodge. After some telephone calls to the Lodge we found the place. The Lodge owner told us that the coordinates are changed into the better ones.

Since we had time enough the next day we stayed a little longer in the morning. On our way out we had a road block of zebras and 4 giraffe.

A special last 4 nights we stayed in a top location Boabab Ridge. Our ranger David showed us the big 5 and we loved his wilderness feeling. He really saw all the animals which we missed. We have done several game drives before but this was way different because we had many animals up close and personal.

Unfortunately it was time to leave for Johannesburg again were we had a shower and a meal at Safariclub and after this it was time to fly back home.

We had a great trip. Met many nice people so we definitely will do it again.

A short impression via this link

Best regards,  Christine & Bert

Tanzania, Februari 2016

A first time amazing safari experience for my daughter

Hi Marcel (,

via this message we would like to thank you for all you have arranged for us.

My daughter and I had just a great holiday all arranged by you.

For my daughter this was her first safari experience and she could not belief her eyes of all the sightings all around her. It gave her a magical feeling to be out there in the bush seeing the big 5 (in 1 day !!!) and so many different species of birds.

Tommy was just the best and enthusiastic ranger/driver we could wish for. He knew everything about the animals, mother nature and the Masai people. His enthusiasm worked for us.

His language skills were great as well. He spoke fluently English and French. He was very passionated about his country Tanzania and he taught us many things of the Tanzanian culture.
This holiday was a chain of special surprises. Every morning again we were thinking of what that day would have in store for us.

We told ranger Tommy that we had just 1 big wish and that would be seeing the big 5 of Africa.
He did not only showed us the big 5 but he did that in just 1 day !!! How lucky can we get.

Well organized

The holiday was well organized from the moment of the meet & greet at the airport until the moment we had to say “until we meet again” at that same airport.

Marcel, you told us in advance that this would be a great trip and you were so right. I have done more safaris in the past but this one was just special and will be in our minds for ever. You gave your special touch to this trip because you kept on thinking with us and arranged just the right ranger/driver for us.

We had a private vehicle and Tommy gave us all the space and time we needed at a sighting, no rush at all. Tommy found us lots of elephants if we wanted to see one within no time.

This trip was just one big adventure which my daughter which I won’t forget quickly and you played a big part in our adventure and because of that we really like to thank you for all you have done and we definitely will recommend (AAS) to all our friends.

The next time I know where to find you when I go again with one of my other children.

Once again thank you so much.

Best regards, Roos & Ophelie


Hi Marcel!

Graag wil ik je langs deze weg ontzettend bedanken voor alles wat je voor ons hebt gedaan, geregeld en hoe je vooral meegedacht hebt met ons.

Mijn dochter en ik hebben een waanzinnige vakantie gehad, georganiseerd door jou. Voor mijn dochter was het de eerste keer dat ze op safari is geweest en ze heeft werkelijk haar ogen uit gekeken. Zelden is zij zo betoverd geweest door de natuur, niet alleen de big five maar ook van de vogels heeft ze genoten.

Je hebt voor ons een perfecte, enthousiaste en professionele gids geregeld. Tommy wist alles te vertellen over de dieren, de natuur, de masai. Hij bracht het buitengewoon enthousiast. Naast dat hij perfect Engels sprak, sprak hij ook bijna vloeiend Frans.

Met zijn enthousiasme en zijn eigen passie voor Tanzania, heeft hij ons kennis laten maken met alle bijzonderheden die Tanzania rijk is.

De vakantie was een aaneenschakeling van een bijzonder verrassende reis. Verrassend was het omdat we ‘s ochtends niet wisten wat we overdag mee zouden maken. We hadden tegen Tommy gezegd dat we maar één wens hadden en dat was de big 5 te zien. Het was ongelooflijk maar op één dag hebben we ze alle 5 gezien.

Goed georganiseerd

De organisatie van de reis verliep perfect, vanaf het ophalen bij de luchthaven tot en met het wegbrengen. Je hebt niets teveel gezegd dat dit een bijzondere reis zou worden. Ik heb wel vaker safari’s gemaakt maar deze blijft me zeker bij.

Dat komt onder andere door de persoonlijke touch die je hebt gegeven aan deze reis, jouw meedenken, meehandelen, een privechauffeur die precies deed wat je hem vroeg. We konden zo lang als we wilden bij de leeuwen blijven kijken maar als we hem vroegen om de olifanten te zoeken dan had hij ze ook, binnen no time, gevonden. Hij vond dan niet één olifant maar meteen tientallen.

Het was een avontuurlijke reis om nooit te vergeten, graag mijn dank hiervoor en kan een ieder jou ook zeker aanbevelen. De volgende keer dat ik met een van mijn andere kinderen een safari ga maken, zal ik zeker weer met jou contact opnemen.

Nogmaals dank en fijne avond


Roos en Ophélie

South Africa, January 2016

Just a great holiday (for English scroll down)

Hierbij wat foto’s…..niet de beste kwaliteit want genomen met de iPhone behalve de laatste, het restant van de buffel nadat die 48u daarvoor door bovenstaande leeuwin en haar zuster was gegrepen!!!

De reis is prima verlopen, de accommodaties waren echt,zonder uitzondering,erg leuk!!!!

Uitschieter was wel de Baobab Ridge…..superleuk en fijne mensen.

Wat wij misten was omgevings-info vanaf de 1e overnachting jo’burg… waren veel leuke kaarten en brochures vanaf kaapstad tot port Elizabeth maar vanaf daar niets meer zoals wat brochures en leuke plattegrondjes….( is natuurlijk zelf ook aan te komen maar had wel makkelijk geweest).

Ja en verder was het gewoon een enorm leuke reis,we hebben echt genoten!!!!

Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar……..

Groetjes en bedankt voor je inzet om alles zo goed en snel voor ons te regelen!!!!!

Debbie & John

Just a great holiday.

Here some photos…. not the best quality because we made them with our Iphone except for the last one, its the remainder of a buffalo. The buffalo was called about 48 hours earlier by a lioness with her sister.

We have to check our camera photos for more.

The trip was great, all accommodations, without exemptions, were very nice.

The best was Boabab Ridge, great place and nice owners. What we missed was some Joburg information from day 1. We had enough informations like cards and brochures fromCape Town to PE but from there it stopped.

It was easy for us to get them somewhere but it would be a nice additional item.

Yes, and further I must say that we had a great trip, we really enjoyed it all.

We definitely will do it again……

Greetings and thank you for your help on this short notice.

Debbie & John

Botswana, December 2015

An unforgettable safari experience

We decided last minute that we would like to be in the bush during Christmas and New Year.
Via good friends we heard about Affordable Africa and the good experience our friends had earlier in 2015 with them. We contacted them via their website’s webform and from that moment everything was arranged quickly.

We flew via Johannesburg (overnight) to Maun into the Okavango Delta and stayed in 2 beautiful lodges.

The sightings in the Okavango Delta were just amazing and the service we received in the lodge better than ever so we felt bad to leave the Okavango Delta and Botswana again.

We will travel to safari Africa again and without a doubt we will do that via because if they are able to arrange a safari like this within a very short period like we had what can they do if they have more time available?

Thanks for your help and our unforgettable holiday.

​Best regards, Jenny and Pascal

September 2015

Travel magazine Columbus used one of the photos I took earlier this year.

The “baboon avenue” photo was taken in Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania.

This is great publicity and a reward of what we are doing at Affordable Africa Safaris.

Marcel Kuijper

Tanzania, August 2015

Een onvergetelijke ervaring dankzij Affordable Africa Safaris

Afgelopen augustus (2015) hebben wij met zijn 5-en een onvergetelijk safari gemaakt door het noorden van Tanzania.

Dankzij het deskundige advies van Affordable Africa Safaris was de reis perfect op maat gesneden, rekening houdend met de gezinssamenstelling, duur en budget.

De afwisseling tussen de verschillende parken (Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro en Seregenti)  en de overnachtingsplekken (luxe lodges afgewisseld met tentenkampen die een ervaring op zich waren) waren zeer goed afgestemd op elkaar.

Door de samenwerking met een goede en betrouwbare lokale partij hadden we een zeer gedreven, vriendelijke  en goed engels sprekende  gids die ons gedurende de hele trip heeft begeleid. Zijn enorme kennis van het wild life was van grote toegevoegde waarde.

Kortom, zeker aan te raden!

Geschreven door familie Dahne.


An unforgettable experience with thanks to Affordable Africa Safaris

This August (2015) we made an unforgettable safari with the 5 of us through the north of Tanzania.

Thanks to the expert advise of Affordable Africa Safaris the trip was tailor made, taking into account our family composition, the travel time and our budget. The variation between the parks (Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorogoro and Serengeti) and the places to stay (luxury lodges alternated with tented camps) were very well suited to each other.

Because of the cooperation with a good and reliable local organization we had a very driven, friendly and very well English speaking guide, who guided us the whole trip. His knowledge of the wildlife was enormous and of great added value.In short, I recommend it!

Written by the Dahne family

Tanzania, August 2015

Hello Marcel,

It always is a pity when the holiday is over again. We prepared for this trip for a while and it was over before we knew it.

We had a great holiday.

Seen a lot from the country (of that part of southern Tanzania where we were because it is a big country) and we have a nice impression of it.>We saw lions up close and personal and also giraffe and some elephant.The river was full of hippos which is a nice sighting to see.

From one side the time in our private Jeep was nice because like this we could see a lot from the country but on the other side this was also the part which took a lot of time to get from one park to the next (from Selous to Mikumi).

We found out that if people travel the southern parts they better fly from one park to the next because the distances are huge.

Unfortunately our budget was small so we could not do it that way.

We would like to thank you for all the effort you did for us to make it a wonderful trip. You kept an eye on all the stations of our trip to stay up to date if everything was well arranged for us.

Thank you so much Marcel.

Greetings, Heidi.

KLM colleague

Tanzania, May 2015

>We spend some days with 6 persons in Mikumi National Park Tanzania.

The drive from Dar es Salaam to Mikumi National Park toke us 7 hours but with a private driver that’s not to bad.

We slept in Vuma Hills tented Camp. This camp is really beautiful. One of the days we encountered a fight between a lion and an elephant just next to our tent, just perfect.

The trip was just perfect and I would do it again when I can.

It was well organized by Affordable Africa Safaris

Mr Wullems
Captain A330, the Netherlands

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