We travel to the African continent regularly ourselves.

During our trips we met lots of local people who know their own country way better then we do. They always offer to support us if we need any information.

We traveled from Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda to South Africa and most countries in between those countries.

Some of the people we met have their own trip advise agency. With them I made nice deals for affordable safaris in several African countries. I asked them to prepare several kind of trips for several kind of budgets for this website.

Besides the trips we offer it is also possible to combine different kind of accommodations with each other to make it 1 trip again. The trips are subdivided into budget-, mid range- and top end affordable safaris. It’s also possible to make your own trip to combine different kind of budgets and accommodations.

The trips are excluded flights unless it is mentioned in the trip proposal.

For some of the countries you need to fly an extra flight to get there. Most of our options are reachable via Nairobi, Dar el Salaam/Kilimanjaro or Johannesburg.

Trip to Africa Marcel Kuijper

Some of the accommodations are self containing accommodations (e.g. in Zimbabwe) but it is always possible to hire a private chef for the accommodation you stay in because why cooking? It’s YOUR holiday !!

The accommodations mentioned in the proposals are always subject to availability. If the accomodation is fully booked we give you another proposal in the same range.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us!