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South Africa is well known for its beautiful landscape.
The country is mainly covered with mountains but also has big lakes, waterfalls and beautiful reserves like Kruger Park (most famous), Madikwe national park (north west), Pilanesberg (central) and Phinda national park (south east).
In most reserves the big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and Buffalo) is still roaming around but poaching is a big problem.
The coast line of South Africa is stunning. It has beautiful beaches altough the water on the south/south west side of the country is very cold.
The marine life is just perfect for divers. You can find big sharks, seals, dolphins and whales (whale season between september and november).

The ground is full of gold, diamonds and minerals so all around the country you can find quarris.
Most people are poor and the majority of the people live from agriculture.


The latest information can be found via the website of iatatravelcentre.

Need to know about South Africa

Often we receive questions about rules and safety when people travel to the beautiful country of South Africa.

We have pointed out the most important things you should know in a leaflet which can be downloaded via this link.

The best period to travel South Africa

April, May, September and October are the best the best months to travel the northern part of the country.
Januari until March plus October and November are the best months to travel the Southern part of South Africa.
During the mentioned months you avoid the lower temperatures and the rainy season.

Weather and climate

South Africa has 2 different kind of climates.
Some parts have a desert climate and other parts do have a sea climate.
During the summer months the average temperature is between 15 - 25 degrees Celsius and during the winter months the average temperature is between 25 - 35 degrees Celsius.

Travel documents

No visa is required for South Africa but your passport most be valid for at least 30 days when leaving the country.


When you travel into the bush there is a possibility of malaria so please protect yourself.
In the big cities there is no malaria.

Extra warning !!!

If you decide to hire a car and drive yourself in South Africa be aware of speed checks.
Every where on all roads.
Best advise is just to drive the speed limit displayed on the signs.
Speeding means getting a ticket.

Did you know that...

- the local currency is called Rand?
- in South Africa you drive on the left hand side?
- smoking in public places is not allowed by law?
- travelling with a rent a car is very easy in South Africa?
- most lodges are child friendly?

South Africa Map

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Best Season:April, May, September and October
Popular Location: Kruger Park, coast line of South Africa

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