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Uganda is since 1962 independent of the United Kingdom.
Uganda's capital is Kampala. A number of major cities in Uganda are Entebbe, Lira, Mbale and Soroti.

Uganda is famous for its wildlife parks. Some famous wildlife parks are Murchison Falls and Queen Elisabeth national park. This game reserves consist tropical rainforests and the habitat of elephants, buffalo, hippos, giraffes, hippos and chimpanzees.

In the southern part of the country lies Lake Victoria where 250 different fish species and hippos life. Uganda is famous for the friendliness of the population and the production of bananas and many bird species.


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Best time to visit Uganda

January, February, June until August and December are the best months to travel to Uganda. During these months you avoid the two rainy periods.

Weather and Climate

Uganda has A tropical climate. Temperatures are all year around the 25 degrees. In the northern part of Uganda it is about 5 degrees warmer and in the west about 5 degrees colder.

Travel documents

Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the moment you enter Uganda.

A visa is required.
This can you apply online (price per person for a visa is $ 50,-)

To apply for a visa visit https://visas.immigration.go.ug
If you plan to visit Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya during your holiday you may apply for a East Africa Tourist Visa (costs for this visa is $ 100,-)


Uganda has malaria all over the country.

Tap water

It is not recommended to drink water from the tap in Uganda.
The best advise is to buy and drink bottled water.

Gorilla Tracking

In the South-west corner of Uganda you find Bwindi National Park.
​This is home for about half the population of the gentle giants, the gorillas.
The other half of Ugandas gorilla population lives in Volcanoes National Park. Volcanoes National Park can be found on the border with Rwanda.

Chimpansee Tracking

In the jungle of Kibale Forest (Uganda) or in Nyungwe Forest (Rwanda) you can visit the chimpansees. A professional guide will guide you during this amazing hike to search for the Chimps.
The minimum ago to join this awesome Chimpansee tracking is 15 years in Uganda and 16 years in Rwanda.
In Kibale Forest about 1500 chimpansee individuals live.
The Chipansee permit cost about $ 150,- per person.

Did you know that...

​- A gorilla permit is a lot cheaper in Uganda than Rwanda?
- You must be a least 15 years old to join a gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda?
- The DNA of a Chimpansee vs a human is 98% the same?
- Buying and drinking alcohol is only permitted from the age of 18?
- Drinking and driving is not a smart thing to do but if you do a maximum of 0.8 is allowed in your blood?
- Buying and smoking tabacco is only permitted from the age of 18?

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Best Season:January, February, June until August and December
Popular Location: Murchison Falls, Queen Elisabeth national park, Lake Victoria

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