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Zimbabwe's capital is Harare. Some other big cities in Zimbabwe are Bulawayo, Chitungwiza, Gweru, Mutare and Victoria Falls.
Zimbabwe's country side is famous for her beautiful sceneries with rain forest and game reserves. In the reserves you can find: lion, giraffe, eland and elephant.

Zimbabwe has several country sides from hills to mountains to valleys.
Besides the reserves a must visit will be Lake Kariba, the mighty Zambezi river and the Victoria Falls. These Falls are the border with Zambia.

Zimbabwean people are very friendly and hospitable although about 75% of the Zimbabweans life in poverty.


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The best period to travel Zimbabwe

June until August are the best months to travel Zimbabwe. The daily temperatures are very nice during these months and during these months you avoid the rain.

Weather and Climate

Zimbabwe has a mild climate. During the Winter months the average temperatures are between 25-35 degrees (Celsius) and during the Summer months the average temperature will be between 20-25 degrees (Celsius).

Travel documents

Your passport must be valet for at least another 6 months when you depart Zimbabwe. You must have a visa. You can buy this visa at the Zimbabwe border and will cost you $ 30,- (single entry) and $ 45,- (double entry).
A new option is buying a Uni Visa for $ 50,-
With this visa you can travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia only but as often as you like.
The visa is valet for 3 months.


All over Zimbabwe there is malaria.

Nice to know

- The local currency is the US dollar or the South African Rand.
- Buying and drinking alcohol only if you are 18 years or older.
- Maximum alcohol promilage while driving is 0,8.
- You may buy and smoke tobacco on all ages.
- No smoking by law in public places.

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Best Season:June until August
Popular Location: Harare, Lake Kariba, Victoria Falls and Zambezi river

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